Friday Link Up - 2016 Super Bowl Drinking Game

Salutations! From the laziest & messiest house on the block. If you thought yesterday's post was boring, you're in for another humdrum post. Lucky you. Linking up with Andrea, Karli, April, and Katie for the weekly Friday blog link up. 

{ O N E }

Our friend from Florida is coming to stay with us this weekend. I haven't seen her since early 2015 so we're super excited to see her. She was just in Playa Del Carmen at the Luke Bryan Crash My Playa party and before that, Ireland. So clearly she's a big bore. 

{ T W O }

Here it is! As promised. My last Super Bowl game I made was pinned thousands of times so I did another this year. Our Super Bowl party is always our biggest party we look forward to every year. Please pin away and join the fun. And yes, Rich came up with When Cam Newton "dabs". To save you a google, a "dab" is some dance that looks like they're sneezing into their elbow. 

{ T H R E E }

Liam decided Olivia's potty chair insert makes a fabulous hat. It wasn't clean. It wasn't elegant. #Disaster

{ F O U R } 

I have zero clues what to do with Olivia's hair lately. Sporting a full on mullet. Of course I've scoured Pinterest for toddler haircuts and didn't find squat. I'm going to trim her bangs this weekend - wish me luck. 

{ F I V E }

I still have no nanny for the summer. I run into this issue every single year. Anyone wanna move in with us May - September and watch my kids while we travel the US to various state fairs?? 


Have a not-awful weekend! 


  1. Your daughter rocks the mullet pretty well though.. .:-) Seriously, I'd have no idea what to do with a little girl's hair.. I can barely do my own!

  2. haha my daughter has a mullet too and shell be TWO Tomorrow ;) glad its not just mine lol. so glad i found your blog through the link up and hope youll stop by mine!

  3. Olivia has a mullet too. We pull her bangs back with a little pony (in an attempt to grow them out) and sometimes it sticks straight up on her head. Oh well.


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