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{ O N E }

The convention was awesome last weekend. Rich made his speech and we all voted and now we have to wait until April to find out if he's our next President. He was super sick and had hardly any voice and coughed through the entire thing but the words that we could make out were heartfelt and strong. #TeamRich
We had a paint and sip party, a remote car derby, lots of alcohol, and thank god for teenage sitters. The kids swam and partied with their carnie friends (hey, hi! If you're new we're carnies.) I received two awards at the banquet for the fundraising I did for the golf tournament and organizing the Christmas party for the kids. I stepped out of the room to run to the bathroom and tried sneaking back into the room. There was a round of applause I gave the "so sorrrrryyyyyyyy" cringe face as I crouched over to my seat. They were all looking my way because they were clapping for me. Rich led me up to the stage and I wish I hadn't worn heels because I was shaking like a leaf. 

{ T W O }

Liam will be ONE this Sunday. ONE!?! I swear to God I JUST gave birth to him. I guess this also marks a year of me not yet hitting up the treadmill too. We're having his birthday party Saturday and I've been crafting away for his Lumberjack themed party. 

Am I going a little overboard? Maybe. Do I care? Nah. Labels found here. 
Come back next week to watch me blog allllllll about it. You know you want to. 

{ T H R E E }

Still working on my bachelor recap from this week. Here's my episode one and here's episode two.  Spoiler alert :: Spoiler alert ::

I heard Lace will be on Bachelor In Paradise! Oooooh can't wait! She totally reminds me of The Girl You Wish You Hadn't Started A Conversation With from SNL

{ F O U R }

Not only am I planning Liam's party but I also need to get on my Super Bowl party again. Yes, I plan on making a new Super Bowl Drinking Game. This thing was pinned thousands of times when I made it a few years ago. 

{ F I V E }

During the convention Rich and I talked about how we're going on a Disney Cruise in 2017 and everyone was excited and decided we should do a big group cruise. So far we have about 50 people and I'm organizing which date works best for everyone.

This was my reaction when Rich said there aren't casinos on Disney Cruises

And this was my reaction when he said alcohol isn't included in the rates

Have a great weekend everyone! I know we will!


  1. Happy Birthday to Liam! He shares a birthday with my son Austin.. who is turning 4. I'm shocked as hell. I don't know how that happened. It goes so fast... enjoy the day with your little man! Happy Weekend!

  2. Those lumberjack s'mores are freaking adorable! And you totally nailed it about Lace. Lol


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