I say "Friday" You say "Thank God"!

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[ O N E ]

When we saw The Good Dinosaur last week this preview was playing and had me actually laughing out loud. What's better than a sloth? Really though. That movie looks adorable. 

[ T W O ] 

Liam is a pro walker. He rarely crawls anymore and I'm wondering where my tiny baby boy went. He's a pro hair puller and book pages ripper-outer and takes a hit like a football player.  He constantly has bumps and bruises from his falling and his sister pushing him over. He rarely cries about it, even when I cringe and wait for that horrible scream from being hurt. This kid is a beast.
If I take my eyes off him for ten seconds he can be found either playing in the toilet or emptying an entire pack of wipes faster than the people on 'Minute To Win It' do
horrible angle of his latest bump. 

The only thing missing is a "Liam was here" tag on the wall. 

[ T H R E E ]

I was getting dressed with Olivia one day and she stared at me in my underwear. She pulled her Elmo undies up her buttcrack and said "Wook Mama! It's da same!" Monkey See Monkey Do. 

[ F O U R ]

I'm obsessed with my new MacBook and perfecting my minimal Photoshop skills. Camp Corn Dog will be featured in Cupcake Mag with a FULL PAGE AD so I've been busy creating that. Obviously far from done so far: 

[ F I V E ]

Olivia is obsessed with birthdays and Tom Hanks was on Live With Kelly and Michael. I said, "Look Olivia! It's Tom Hanks. You guys have the same birthday!" Now she says "Happy Birthday Tom Hanks" to everyone. Everyone. 

I had more to write but honestly, I'm so hungover right now and just cutting it short right here. Hope everyone had a blast. I actually stayed up all the way to midnight. I haven't done that in a LONG time. 

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