**Edit: Started writing this a loooooong time ago and just kept adding to it when she'd say something crazy. Hence the Christmas and potty training references. 

Me: Stay close Olivia, it's crowded out here.
Olivia: No
Me: Yes, you don't want to lose mama do you?
Olivia: .......yes....

I came out of Victoria's Secret with a new bra (in its bag of course)
Olivia: Hey mama, nice new boobies!

While meeting Mickey Mouse at Disney World she pulled her t-shirt over her head
Olivia: Boobies Mickey! Boobies!
I will NOT accept responsibility for her knowing that word. I'm looking at you, Rich.

While feeding Liam
Olivia: c'mon buddy boy, take a big bite!
Liam ignores her and won't eat
Olivia: {loud sigh} Just do it. I tired.
No one asked/made her feed him.

She's started calling Rich and I "honey" probably because that's what she hears us call each other so everything is:
"Can I have some milk, honey?"
"See you later honey!"
"Love you honey"
"I gotta poop honey"

I was changing Liam's messy diaper and Olivia walks over
Olivia: Ewwww Mee-um! Dats gwoss!
5 minutes later
Olivia: C'mere mama I poot!
Side note: potty training starts IMMEDIATELY. The poot was on the carpet and her diaper was still on. She took it off, squatted, and put her diaper back on. #MomLyfe

I was eating pita chips and hummus and she wanted to taste it.
Me: Okay, but I don't think you'll like it
*Takes a bite and starts spitting everywhere*
Olivia: Eww mama wat da hell!?
Of course I told her that's not a word we say then laughed in the bathroom

Me: What do you want for Christmas?
Olivia: Chicken nuggets
Saves me some money I guess

Me: Do you guys want to take a bath?
Olivia: Yayyyyy!!! C'mon Me-um wets go take a baf. You stink.

Olivia: Can I have candy mama?
Me: Not now honey.
Olivia: *Thinks for a bit staring at the door* Alright, I'm going to Gubba's. Very matter-of-factly 
Gubba = Grandma

*Runs over to me yelling Ow! ow! ow!*
Me: *Frantically* What?! What?!! What happened?
Olivia: My nail pow-ish
Her nail polish was chipped and nearly gone....

While on the potty and her brother came creeping over to see what was going on
Olivia: C'mon honey! Gimme some pry-pacy!

Grocery shopping I put raspberries in the cart.
Olivia: Mmmm! Baby fraw-berries!

So wild her castle tipped over

I know their room is messy. They only sleep in there most of the time so things tend to just be thrown around. No, the fan and cords aren't in there unsupervised. When they wake up I start a humidifier and fan to hydrate the room since they've been waking up with raspy voices and rock hard boogers. 

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