ONE! Lumberjack Birthday Party

My baby boy turned one on Sunday. The second child's milestones and monthly stats come and go so much faster than the first. Even though Liam feels like he's been in our family for forever I still feel like he was JUST born. I love this little boy so damn much and tell him every single day how in love with him I am.

When Liam was born (his birth story here) he was immediately our calm and quiet child. For the first few months he rarely cried and was just the happiest little baby ever. He still is, but he is no longer calm or quiet - he is now our wild child with a curiosity as big as his appetite.

Loves:  Playing in the toilet and the garbage. We keep our bathroom on the main floor and in the playroom locked because his obsession with water/toilets is strong. Let's compare for a second how much Leo cares about an Oscar, how much Olivia from the Bachelor wants a rose, how much I want a glass of Chardonnay after a rough day, how much a frat boy craves a kegger; none of those compare to his fascination with flushing a toilet or grabbing garbage from the trash can.

He knows what "bath" means and bolts up the stairs to get to the tub shoving his big sister out of his way when he hears the bath water running.

The dog food and water? Might as well tell me I won the lottery because the reaction is the same when the dog dishes are left out for him to eat or splash in. Yes, he's eaten dog food. #Boys

Food. This boy LOVES food. LOVES IT. Hang on while I echo my recent statement: this kid loves to eat. Crying? Hand him a banana. He laughs. Crying? Hand him some mandarin oranges. He laughs. He runs towards food when he sees it on his little toddler plates knowing it's for him or for his sister, that he can steal from.

Beast Mode: He's huge. Huge. He's a little over 26 pounds at 12 months. Olivia was just 20 pounds at her first birthday. His big belly is always hanging over his sweatpants and under his shirt. Cutest thing ever. He has the most beautiful hazel eyes. Rich and I talk about what the heck color his eyes are daily and we realized that some days they're more green than brown and other days they're more brown than green. Hazel. Funny, because that would've been his name if he was a girl. We didn't know what we were having with him when I was pregnant. 

We had a Lumberjack themed birthday party on Saturday for him. Photo dump of some of the party:

We got the 100 piece tailgating chicken fingers and Cane's sauce from Raising Canes. Sooooo good! I went a little overboard and we ended up freezing half of it to save for our Super Bowl party.

I have a tendency to make too much food for parties and was told by two people to try and tone it back a little next party. Oops.

The birthday boy was late to his own party because he was napping. The ONE AND ONLY TIME he takes a 3 hour nap, I had to wake him up to see everyone who came to celebrate with him. He wasn't interested in his smash cake right away because he was still out of it when I woke him up.

But we tried again later and he was game.

He's ONE!

Olivia and Sebastian "helped" Liam open his gifts. (Did it for him; he didn't care) 

We ate, opened gifts, listened to the Disney Channel on Pandora, had Inside Out playing on the big screen in the man cave, and ate too many cupcakes. Awesome day. 

Party on, party animal

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  1. Oh my goodness this is so cute! My little boy is my second baby too and he's 10 months. We are also doing a lumberjack theme for his party! :)


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