Weekend Wrap Up/Our New Years Eve/Of COURSE we watched that netflix marathon everyone's talking about

We went to my mother in law's house for New Years Eve because 
1. Kids
2. Money
3. Kids
4. Nobody had to drive
5. Kids

A couple of our closest came over and we had drinks, played cards, and I even managed to stay up until midnight which is quite the feat for me. Typically I'm asleep by 9/9:30 and up around 5am. I'm just an early bird and staying up late isn't enjoyable for me. #boring #iknow 

My MIL said, "nothing fancy, just come over for some fun and nobody will have to drive". 
Me: Nothing fancy? I'm showing up in a ballgown and tiara. 
I couldn't find a ballgown in the "ballgown section" of my closet but I did bust out a tiara. I was channeling my inner "Toddlers and Tiaras" with my poofy dress and crown. Sparkle Baby!

Dirty mirror courtesy of sticky little hands

We danced to 90s rap and Olivia busted out her best moves to "Ice Ice Baby" "Can't Touch This" and "Whoomp There It Is" This kid loves singing and dancing and being filmed then watching herself with a huge grin. She can whip and neigh neigh and do the Uma Thurman. This kid is too much. A friend brought his girlfriend and she recognized her as "The baby walking like pregnant mom on the internet!" She famous....

Liam was pretty stoked to play with his toys that are kept at Gubba's house and to eat all the things. 

Other than that? Totally chill and lame. Just how we wanted it. The last time I went out for New Year's Eve I was pregnant with Olivia so I sipped water and watched my drunk friends embarrass themselves. I went to New York City and watched the Times Square Ball drop in person 2011-2012 so keeping New Year's lame is totally cool with me since I did it bucket list style a few years ago. 

Alright, can we be DONE with a few things in 2016? 

1. Anything Kardashian. I used to obsess over this show and now I'm just so sick of these people. I don't care about Kylie Jenner's lips. I don't care what Caitlyn Jenner wore today. I don't care that Kim Kardashian (OMG!) took anuuuuutherrrrrrr  selfie today.

2. No more being offended all the time people. Grow some thicker skin. 

3. And finally, we're DONE with those things on Facebook that say "when she ____ my mouth dropped!" "This woman threw away all her shoes, when you find out why you'll lose your f***ing mind" "He blew his house up, when you see why, you will too!" 
Quit it, Facebook.


This weekend we binge watched 'Making a Murderer' just like the rest of the world. So much about this pissed me off just like the rest of the world. 
1. Poor Brendan Dassey. I feel so bad for that poor kid.  It broke my heart when he said Wrestlemania is April 10th and that he'd miss it. That sounds stupid, I know. But that just shows his intelligence and understanding the serious situation and that he is unable to have his priorities in order. Prison is NOT where that child belongs. I know he's no longer a child. 
2. So they tied her up and raped her and slit her throat in bed? Where's the blood? Where's the DNA? A hair follicle --- anything!??? Not being insulting but IF that's what truly happened, these two men are not smart enough to clean all that up without a SINGLE TRACE of DNA or blood found. Oh but then they were stupid enough to leave the keys on the floor of the bedroom?? And nobody saw this after multiple searches? no. just no. 

^ Our sense of humor

Sunday: All about 3 things: Food, Football, Feet Up. The Minnesota Vikings clinched the NFC North division! Take that Packers! 

But now we play Seattle which is worrisome. Consider my nails bit. 


  1. No more Kardashians! Amen...
    "Kortney wears overalls!" "See Khloe and her tiny waist!" Huzzah... I mean, it's EVERY. LITTLE. THING. ugh.

    1. I need to unfollow People on Facebook at this point

  2. I keep hearing bout the How to make a Murderer and for the reasons you stated above, I'm not going to watch it, I don't need the stuff I watch on tv irritate and aggravate/anger me. I'll take everyone's word on it. Happy 2016 and yes to all of those annoying things you listed.

    1. That's smart. I wish I would've skipped it or had more information. Oh well. Back to my mindless TV: The Bachelor ;) Happy New Year!


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