2016 Oscars Drinking Game

Before we get into this year's game, can we just reflect back on the time I 100% correctly predicted the winners in 2014??  Nailed it. And stapled and glued and mod podged it. I doubt I'll be as successful this year but I'm throwing my nominations out there again, un-asked for. As usual.

Who has plans? What will you be doing? So far I have no plans so I don't plan on playing a drinking game all alone but I'm working on organizing a girls night in with old bridesmaid/prom dresses complete with long white gloves and tiaras. All fancy an' shit.


Best Picture: The Martian ( I honestly haven't seen any of these. Total guess)

Best Actor: Matt Damon ( I really want to say Leo but I dunno. I'm torn between the two)
Best Actress: Brie Larson (Or Cate Blanchett)

Best Supporting Actor:  No guess.
Best Supporting Actress:  Guess based on nothing at all but Kate Winslet.

Pin Away and have fun!

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  1. Well how fun would that be!!! And what I wouldnt give to be able to wear my old prom dresses!


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