A mushy, corny, lovey post. Barf!

Show and Tell Tuesdays today. Today's topic: Tell us how to win your heart. How did your partner win your heart? I'm not one for smushy mushy stuff but here goes, what makes my heart pitter patter.  Because chocolate makes you fat (and I don't like it, I know, I know, take away my lady card now) and flowers just die. 

When he takes the kids for an outing allowing me to either nap, read a book, watch trashy tv, or literally just sit on the couch doing absolutely nothing which is sometimes the greatest enjoyment. 

When he stops at Starbucks without me asking while we're out running errands. #ItsTheLittleThings

Butt pats. 

Watching a movie and he puts a pillow on his lap, taps it for me to lay my head down, and plays with my hair.

How wonderful of a father he is. I'm being corny, I know, but he's so friggin' wonderful with our children. Couldn't ask for more. He's the one wanting #3 immediately. Me? Not so much.... yet.....

His motivation and hard work ethics. Not gonna lie, he was kind of born with a silver spoon in his pie hole. However, many people have commented that he never let that make him spoiled. He works harder than anyone I ever met and encouraged me from the beginning to be the best I could be in whatever I did. He was pretty much guaranteed a career in the family business but still went to pursue his Bachelor's Degree in business even though it wasn't totally needed. 

The man can dress. Many times he'll walk down the stairs after getting ready for the day making me say "daaaaaaaammmnnnnn!" And he also knows the perfect time to say "alright, let's get our cozies on and veg out" cozies = sweats and a baggy tee. Hair up. Makeup off. 

Fart jokes. His prepubescent sense of humor is exactly that of mine and we definitely make "yo mama" jokes towards each other still. 

Loves the same things I do. Travel is our biggest passion we share along with the love of theatre and Broadway shows. How many guys enjoy collecting Playbills together with their wife of all the shows we've seen together? 

His calmness. I'm a loose cannon. My emotions go from smiling to crying over almost nothing. The worst thing of the day can happen and the most that he expresses is "well that's a bummer". On our way to an event we had TWO tire blow outs on the way. I'm panicking and yelling and he just says "well darn it...." It's very very VERY rare to see him yell. Unless it's at the TV on Football Sunday.

Alright, now excuse me while I go snuggle my handsome, calm, loving, hard working hubby. 

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  1. Awww. Love this post. Sounds like you have a good one.

    And btw- aren't butt pats the best?

  2. Praising God for His perfect match! I have one special man in my life and am so grateful to God for blessing me so.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  3. This is so sweet! My hubby is the calm cool one to my loose cannon too. I'll be like "this is a DISASTER!!!" and he's like "ok, well let's look at the problem... " ha. we are so different that way. And he plays with your hair??? Oh man. That would win me over right there. :-)

  4. SO cute. Love the me time with no kids. And no chocolate?! Good for you!

  5. This is such a sweet post!
    A man that takes his kids for the afternoon to give his wife a break will make any women's are say 'awe!'
    Lauren {learningtolovehome.blogspot.com}


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