Because that vest was disgusting

What I'm excited for: 
It's early but, Easter. Rich is super into it this year and has already ordered a few things for their baskets. I think Olivia is finally at the age to appreciate an Easter egg hunt in the front yard. We can't do the backyard because there's a family of rabbits that have lived in our backyard  (tons of bun-bun poo) for a couple years now that will NOT leave. No we don't feed them. Ever. Ever. They're starting to not be scared of us either which sucks.

My mother in law just texted me tonight asking if I want to join a girls-only cruise this April for 5 nights to Jamaica. Holy mother of..... my husband. Yes yes times 800 yes.

What I'm wearing: 
I bought this lightweight utility vest and am still on the fence with how I feel about it. I'm thinking if I wore it with long sleeves rather than short I may like it better.  Totally having Regina George thoughts on these rags.

Not until now did I realize what a 5-head I have. I don't do bangs well though so....

I've also started wearing costume-y bangled bracelets and kind of loving it. I've been wanting a simple wrist tattoo and large chunky watch for awhile now and may just have to bite the bullet and get them. I've thought about this tattoo for a long time now and it's meaningful (unlike my white trash ankle tat I hate) so I know I won't regret it.

I also picked up a new nail polish that I'm absolutely crushing on. Flowerista by Essie. It'll be just a matter of hours before Olivia asks demands I paint her fingers and toes too. I do love matching her though ;)

I also finally got my Taco shirt!

What I'm Watching
Broken record over here but the Bachelor. Aaaaand - Shameless as well as binge catching up on Grey's Anatomy when my kiddos nap. 

What I'm Reading
Still the same book. It's getting pretty intense. No spoilers. Just pick it up. I plan on reading more Liane Moriarty.

What I'm dreading
Not a ton. Or anything I 'spoze
Wow am I keeping your attention or what?

 What we're eating
Tonight: Chicken stir fry. No recipe, just Rich's amazing blends of random ingredients that always turn out amazing. Food is always better when someone else makes it, isn't it? Always. Holla at my lazy ladies!

Also, Cheez-its. I seriously go through a box or two every single week. Can't stop won't stop.

What I'm listening to
Chris Stapleton. Tardy to the OMGHESSOGOOD party but wow. Just wow.

What I'm making
I finally updated our 'About' Page at the top of the blawwwwg. Check it out if you feel so inclined.
Also, plans for the 2017 Disney Cruise for our group. This is the first and last time I will organize a cruise/vacation for 25+ people. Stressed and a mess.

What I'm annoyed by
The bunny squatters in my yard. Not even the construction guys scare them away. Semi off topic but in the summer we have ducks. Seriously. There's a husband and wife pair that come to our home every summer and live in our backyard/pool. They're totes adorbs so I don't mind them. < Did I just lose 13 or 14 readers because I talk like a 14 year old in a 31 year old body? Prolly.

Side bar: How do I know they're husband and wife? My friend who knows all about animals told me they mate for life.Feeling all the feels.

And I had a duck wedding a few years ago for them. 


  1. I'm reading the same book, its a good one! I'm almost done and I will definitely be reading more of her books!

  2. Yes to the vest girl. YES!!!!
    Also, can I go on the cruise? That sounds so fun!
    And.....why can I not get through a book to save my life lately. I have an English degree for goodness sakes. What is wrong with me?


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