Insane in the Membrane

Staying inside is driving our entire family up the damn wall. All of us. We tried going out on Tuesday to spend the afternoon at Ikea. Exhilarating, right? Halfway there we saw how hard the snow was falling and turned right around. News watchers, we were not. Thank goodness for my bitching prompting him to go back home because we got over a foot of snow in a very short period of time.

Wednesday Biscuit had surgery to remove masses on her chest. The surgery went okay - not great. There were complications and she's in a lot of pain with a lot of swelling and bleeding. Keeping her comfortable is key but I have two toddlers who love her and love messing with her. The kids are annoying the s*** out of her, join the club sis. So Rich and I are taking shifts between laying in bed with Biscuit (best job ever!) and wrangling the kids.

Thursday (aka total annihilation) started right off on the left foot. The kids were brawling in the living room while I hand washed last night's dishes.
Side bar: I made the Skinny Taste Chicken Parmesan dish and it was so-ho-ho-ho good! I know I keep mentioning Skinny Taste, not sponsored, just adored.

While I had my back turned Liam got into Olivia's yogurt and Picasso'ed the TV with his messy hands. Rather than dealing with the mess, I ignored it and made myself some avocado toast after filling out my 'Parent Of The Year' application.

9:05am: I forget our power would be shut off from 9am - noon. Fu.....>!!!!!!(*#$* During the Price is Right? Is this a sick joke?

Naturally I forgot and had clothes in the washing machine and dishes in the washer. The kids were extremely into their Goldie & Bear episode and my laptop and their iPod touches were nearly dead. Even though I had this bright orange tag hanging on our fridge.

Everything turned off, Olivia: What's going on? 
Me: Mama forgot the power would be off today so we'll have to do some other activities. 
Olivia: No.....

Another time I was neglecting to watch what was going on (again, cleaning) Olivia kept saying "I'm making it snow mama! Make it snow!" It was snowing outside so I assumed she was pretending and said "oh wow... good job.... look at that snow!" I turned around and found:

My phone had been acting funny and I picked it up and the screen and the phone literally came apart from each other.


But then Rich kinda fixed it

Me later
Lunch time
Me: Olivia! Stop putting ham on your brother's head!
Olivia: he he he he
Me: It's not funny
{ Except it kind of was, but I couldn't let her know that }

Later in the day Olivia asked to go to Grandma's. Normally I would do cartwheels over to her shoes and jacket to bring her over there but Grandma bought a one way to Florida (seriously, not lying) and we don't know when she'll be home. She then asked to go to Grandpa's house. However, my dad is currently in Cancun.

What is going on??

When it rains.. it tsunamis.

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