Meal Planning For The Week

Before I planned dinners for the week I would overspend like crazy at the grocery store grabbing just about everything I saw - whether I was hungry or not. What that meant was a bunch of ingredients without a plan and typically the fruits and veggies would go bad before I had a plan what to do with them.

Old Me: Ooh! Zucchinis are on sale. Better grab 4. I can do something with these
Zucchinis would mold lost in the fridge and I'd forget all about them 

Old Me: Eh. Let's have a pork chop night
I'd never have a plan for them. Or not "feel" like having that. Or not have a recipe. Pork chops then get lost in the back of the freezer and never see us again for a couple months. 

So now, I grab the usuals for breakfast and the things we eat every single week for breakfast, snacks, and lunches
Milk, bread, lunch meat, bananas, eggs, etc.
We all kind of eat different things for breakfast and lunch and this way I can map out my earlier meals and snacks to be healthy and make a dinner for us all to enjoy together. My chart I use is so handy and can be found here. Even if you don't follow TIU it's great to map out your meals and snacks. M1 M3 and M5 are your main meals while M2 and M4 are your snacks.
Booty Call = morning workout

I love surfing the dub dub dub dot com for recipe ideas and am slowly learning how to (successfully!) cook. I print off a few recipes that I want to try then highlight the ingredients we don't have on hand and that's ALL I buy for the week.

Rich hates that I print every recipe off but I'm an "on paper" kind of gal and need to highlight what we need otherwise I'll forget.

Some of my favorite sites for healthy recipe blogs include:
Eat Yourself Skinny
Skinny Taste
The Gracious Pantry
My Clean Kitchen
Oh She Glows

I have a chalkboard in our dining room that shows what we're having for dinner each night so that
a) Everyone knows what we're eating that night (Even though Rich still asks EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.)
b) There's a clear plan and there's no longer anymore "I don't feel like its"

If I knew I would be taking a pic of the plan for the week I would've made it neater and cuter but this is what it typically looks like, so be it.

I'm able to stay on track with eating healthy and "scheduling" cheat nights. This way I'm not "cheating" on my diet, I had it planned to eat pizza and get it out of my system. We've actually started making our own pizza to make it healthier using whole wheat crust, organic sauce, real cheese, and adding fresh veggies and chicken to it. But damn it there are just days I want a giant Hawaiian pizza with extra sauce from Dominos. So I do. I go HAM on that shit.

We schedule days that we'll dine out and every single Wednesday is Taco Night with our friends. It's a tradition we've had for a couple years now, even before Olivia was born. There's a taco night special in our town every Wednesday and they have the BEST chicken tacos ever. Every time we pull up to the restaurant Olivia yells "chicken tacos! Yaasssssss!!!!" Cutest thing.

I've started enjoying cooking because it's "me" time. Typically there will be a glass of cabernet in my hand and Rich keeps the kids out of my hair so I can focus on cooking. I thoroughly enjoy it now. So weird for me to say that.

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