She Bought All The Stuff

Happy Friday. Linking up with the gals:  Andrea, Karli, April, and Katie

Since I've been a total open book this week, especially with yesterday's whiny post I thought I'd lighten it up for this Friday's link up. It's no secret I have a shopping problem and a frugal husband to go with it doesn't make for the best match in heaven. Here's a round up of the things I bought this week: 

{ O N E } I go to taco night every week with our friends so this is my perfect new taco night shirt. I'll probably wait to wear it when it's a kid-free outing. Cinco de Mayo shirt this year?? Me thinks so. 

{ T W O } Confession, haven't yet bought this but I think it'll be a perfect Valentine's gift to go above our bed in the middle of us. Anthropologie has great giant zinc letters in small or large and I'm thinking I need the large ampersand. 

{ T H R E E } The wooden frames from Threshold at Target are right up my decorating alley. Bonus: They cheap! My photo walls are all from this distressed colored wood, gold, white, and a splash of black frames. I love mismatched and misplaced frames even though the husband doesn't 'get it'. 

{ F O U R }  Stop everything right now. I went to the Kate Spade store at the Mall of America for the first time and had to literally be dragged out by my ankles. Yes, I know what literally means. I'm also super sarcastic. My friend and I spent entirely too much time in there saying "so cute" way too many times. I'm so obsessed with everything in that store and have grounded myself for the next 6 months in going back. 

{ F I V E } Last but definitely not least! I finally bought Teami! I've been using Lyfe Tea for some time now and wanted to give this one a whirl. I should be receiving it soon and will definitely do a review between Teami and Lyfe Tea. 

Happy Super Bowl weekend! I can't wait to recap our huge party on Monday .... er maybe Tuesday considering all the beer and chili cheese dip I plan on consuming. 

Go Broncos! 


  1. OMG that tank top!!!!! yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that you get a weekly taco night, how cool is that?? Have a great weekend and Go Broncos!

  2. So I came to your blog because the title is hilarious. Then I find out you are a fellow Minnesotan! I am so used to reading people from southern states so nice to see another Midwestern gal. I LOVE that ampersand. I have wanted that too. This post is like reading my mind. I love all of this stuff!

  3. I've been really really really wanting that wallet. SOOOO MUCH!

  4. I'm alllll about those Target frames too! And that tank is everything!


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