What I'm excited for: 
We have a pretty lame week this week which is a good thing since the last few were too eventful. I'm excited to not wear makeup or do my hair and wear my leggings covered in dog hair with holes in them. Fancy Nancy.

What I'm wearing: 
I'm gonna be straight up honest - my Mama Bear shirt (I have this one) with said leggings above and mismatched socks. Oh and I'm also wearing a fancy new chin zit.
 You ain't got no alibi

What I'm Watching
The Bachelor. I've decided to stop doing recaps because they would honestly take me all day to do which isn't the most productive thing I could do all day. Besides, I like reading others' more. 

What I'm Reading
Just picked up The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty and can't wait to start it tonight when the kiddos go to sleep.

What I'm dreading
Just realized I never did a Biscuit update when I read last week's. B had surgery to remove a mass on her chest. It was larger than they thought and there were minor complications. She is currently wearing one of Olivia's old shirts so she doesn't scratch herself and so the wound isn't exposed. She doesn't love it.

 What we're eating
Tonight: Whole grain spaghetti with organic alfredo sauce and shredded chicken.

I am teetering between starting a "Lazy Healthy Girl" series on the blog showcasing my healthy but stupid-easy recipes. I love Tone It Up but when they email me a recipe featuring seaweed wraps with ingredients we don't even have in Minnesota I throw it right in the trash can.

What I'm listening to
Sirius XM channel 47: The Fly. 90's hip hop and R&B songs I forgot all about. On my Target run this morning "Tootsie Roll" by the 69 boys came on and I turnt it way up

What we've been up to
Rich and Olivia went on a date Tuesday night to the theatre. He got dressed up, and took her downtown to see Disney's Newsies. I just love how excited he was to take his Princess out for a night

What I'm annoyed by
The G - D $&) construction going on all around our house. They're building a ton of brand new homes all around us and the banging and clanking and house shaking is not my favorite. Especially during nap time. I get tempted to run out there and shake my fist in the air towards them. 


  1. Oh I would be so mad at noise during nap time too!!! That is sacred!!!!!! and I'd be really interested in healthy stupid-easy recipes! just sayin'!

    1. It's awful and it's never coming to an end (the noise) (and my patience)

  2. How cute that your husband took the little out on a date, so precious. I've started reading the Husbands Secret so many times and it's not because it's not good, I just find other things to do...I've been 10 pages in for about 7 months now.

    1. This is her 3rd show she's been to and he's keeping a collection of the Playbills they go to together to give to her when she's older. All together now: Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!


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