That Post Where She Just Complained

+ I've been MIBA (missing in blog action) for an extra long weekend because life became, well, life. Since I'm a self diagnosed hypochondriac I spend too much time at the doctor's office. This Thursday I was sure I had thyroid cancer, or lupus. One of the two. I was told it was just allergies and to stop thinking I'm dying.

So sensible Teri is now cruising WebMD to find a new disease to worry about.

2nd home

+ Rich has been gone a lot of the days getting all the food stands ready for the summer. We have 27 trailers at our warehouse so it's a lot of work making sure everything is clean and in working order so we don't have surprises in the summer. This means I'm home with two kids all alone most days and my sanity is similar to Britney Spears a'la 2007. Hide the hair cutting shears/razors. Shout out to single moms and moms whose husbands are deployed. I don't know how you do it.

We're having fun though. Disney movies, play houses, the children's museum. We're not TOTALLY hobbits.

+ I'm taking Olivia to the Disney Princess Ball next month and cannot wait to see her reaction when she gets to dance with and meet Belle, Anna, Elsa, Ariel, "Punzel", and more. She's completely obsessed with Princesses and she'll get to meet all of them shortly. Mommy-daughter date that I think I may be more excited for.

+ I've been dabbling in snap chat more and more. Come follow along and let's be friends. @toneil it looks like toe-nail but T.O'Neil is what I came up with because I'm clever and original.

+ Biscuit is now on anti-seizure meds which are SO NOT CHEAP. But her epilepsy has been over the top and it was time to start meds. Let's hope this helps her.

+ I got Fix # Six this weekend and forgot to blog all about it so I'm sorry to say you won't be getting a post full of me taking selfies in a dirty mirror. I know, you're super bummed. I did keep the jeans because for whatever reason, Stitch Fix ALWAYS gets it right when they send me jeans. And I'm the pickiest of the finicky when it comes to jeans.

She's obviously a fan of them. 

+ Alright Bachelor Nation, it's home-town dates tonight and I'm still planning on making a 'Team Lauren B' for the finale. Mark my words, he'll pick her.  I'll be snapping all about it tonight. 


  1. Added you to Snap. Now make me laugh! (melanie_ks)

    1. You got it toots. Didn't see the add though. I'm still not knowing WTH I'm doing on it yet

  2. I can't wait for the Bachelor tonight! Lauren B's date is in my town of Portland! I'm excited to see what they show. And the WebMD comment made me laugh! that site is like Choose Your Own Adventure that always ends up at "sorry, you are going to die." I totally am addicted to it too. Right now I'm convinced I have a thyroid disorder that is keeping me from losing my baby weight. I can't wait to tell my Dr. and have him roll his eyes at me!

    1. Hah! Totally a choose your own adventure. I always end up dead. It's like a real life Oregon Trail because I die but not really

  3. I'll be following your snaps-love snap chat!
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm


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