Valentine's Day 2016

Such a fun Valentine's evening. Originally I didn't think we'd be doing anything but Rich's mom came home from Florida and offered to watch the kids overnight for us so we headed to our favorite joint: Mancinis. I love this place because of the Vegas-like lounge with big read couches and the old-timey mobster feel. 

We had our rehearsal dinner here and the Mancinis and O'Neils go way way back I hear. They sent Rich and I a super delicious bottle of champagne for our wedding gift. So naturally last night we split a bottle of champagne then had a martini (or two). Pretty tipsy evening. 

There was a live band with a '50s feel and our friends joined us for cocktails. Their friends came and they were the spitting images of Marilyn Monroe and Buddy Holly. So effing cute. I should've taken their picture but even after all the bubbly I didn't come out of my shell yet. 

We took photos in the old timer photo booth. It turned out..... alright... 

My Monday hangover wasn't awesome and my outfit today totally reflects my mood

Favorite of the night: I told Rich 3 things I love most about him. One of them being his patience 'especially with dealing with me'. As soon as I was done I said "now you go". He thought for a minute and I said "nothing???" (in a sarcastic way)
R: Well definitely NOT your patience. 
El - Oh - El 

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