What I'm excited for: 
The Super Bowl of course. I created the Facebook invite on Monday and not even an hour later have over 30 people responding with 'YES'! Our biggest party yet and this year we're making it a two day event with a huge poker tournament on Saturday. Rich is buying kegs, and I'm already starting on making the food. Don't forget to share and play my SB50 Drinking Game for this year!

What I'm wearing: 
Layers on layers. It's so cold in Minnesota right now but at least my muffin top is under cover.

What I'm Watching
The Bachelor. I hate when they leave us hanging like they did this Monday. Does Olivia stay or go?? I was in a very intense group text message thread on Monday. I don't know if I'll keep doing recaps because they honestly take me all day to do but head over to Jessica's blog for hysterical recaps. 

What I'm Reading
Honestly. Nothing right now.  Unless the Target ad from the Sunday paper counts.

What I'm dreading
Biscuit is going in for surgery this morning to remove a mass on her chest. We're also getting her on anti-seizure meds. My poor sweet fur baby has it really rough.

 What we're eating
I made Skinny Taste's skillet chicken cordon bleu and it was delish.  I was nervous because I've never made chicken in a skillet; I always bake or grill and I'm the WORST COOK EVER but I gave this a whirl and nailed it. Even Rich gobbled it all up and that says something. I love Skinny Taste so much. So many healthy recipes.
Recipe here. 

Not my pic. Via Skinny Taste.  Of course - you've seen my pics. 

What I'm listening to
Lots of Adele. And Fetty Wap. I have a vast taste in music. Currently: Goldie and Bear // Liam throwing his car around the house // Olivia introducing herself to all of us as "Pwincess Owibia"

What I'm making
Catching up on headbands from my shop. Shop here!  Made with organic cotton knit semi-stretchy fabric in adult and baby sizes in funky and pretty prints.

What I'm loving
The pass to be lazy with this massive snow dump we received. But really not loving the snow. Just the excuse to stay in. But seriously, why do I live here?

What we've been up to
Dr's appointments all week for everyone in the family.  Staying snowed in and not going out unless totally necessary. 

What I'm annoyed by
My trusty, faithful, always nailed it hair curling wand kicked the bucket last week and left me (almost!) in tears. I bought another with a budget in mind and I'm so upset with its results. My hair fell flat after less than 20 minutes. I need curling wand suggestions. 


  1. Hey thanks for the shout out to my Bachelor recaps!!! You are awesome!! Personally I think Olivia stays and he just has one last heart to heart with her about "try and play nice, blah blah..." I hate cliffhangers though!!!

  2. Maybe this baby will come asap and I can play your drinking game this year!


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