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{ O N E } 

We're planning a little mini family staycation at a casino about an hour away from us for a few nights. Bowling, new waterpark, stuff our faces at the buffet, order room service and movies snuggled up, and da da da daaaaa! Daycare! We went a couple years ago but haven't since then even though we constantly talk about it. That post here.  In order to find the post I scrolled through my 'travel' tab shown on the right and moseyed down memory lane. The kids will probably lose their minds and I'll have lots of pics to show them that we went to more places than just Target and Starbucks growing up.  Am I dreading the car ride there? Of course. My children are car tantrum aficionados. 

{ T W O } 

It would be stingy of me not to share Virginia's beautiful blog about her home DIYs. She was the one I was inspired by copied when I took on the terrifying task of painting our baseboards white. The before and afters of their home will blow you away. Super budget-y too.  I want to try all of her Top 10 projects. You've been warned: You will get lost in her blog. 

{ T H R E E } 

Liam is a full blown little rascal.  He can hold his own to his older sister finally and despite their 18 month difference, he's weighing in right behind her by only a couple pounds. His agenda today included: climbing up all 3 flights of stairs and sliding down safely on his belly requiring high fives and cheers when he got to the bottom of each fight, swiping a cookie out of Olivia's hand as she was about to eat it and swallowing the whole thing with one bite right in front of her throwing Olivia into a fit of tears while he laughed, climbed onto her Minnie Mouse table and stood up on top of it giving Rich and I heart attacks, and finished off the day by proving he can climb onto the couch AND(!) onto the tippy top of it. Heart attacks all around. We in trouble....

what else? what else? ? 

{ F O U R } 

My phone kicked the bucket then worked for an hour to tease me two or three times now in the past two weeks. I SOMETIMES get to snap ( @ toneil < I know, I know, it looks like toe-nail )  and I SOMETIMES get to Instagram ( @tmoneil_  )and as soon as I fall down the social media hole my phone shakes and turns itself off only to work again (tease me) for roughly 20 more minutes.  
Phone: I can't. * cough cough * I'm sick
Me: Boo, you whore. 

{ F I V E } 

I finally got the email that my taco shirt is on its way and I'm already planning my next taco night escapade.  Shirt. Check. Guac. Check. Margaritas. Check. Giant Sombrero? 

Off internet shopping I go......

Have a great heart filled, chocolatized, rose filled weekend. We have big plans to do nothing. 


  1. Oh I feel you on the crazy toddler boys! The other day I came home from a Dr. appt and my son was sitting on the changing table and my husband was just staring at him. He has no idea how he got up there!


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