I have about 6 posts in 'draft' land that I've started and never finished because I'm busy planning the golf tournament and binge watching Grey's. Alright, so busy isn't quite the right word for watching tv but I've let this poor little blog take a backseat for the past week.

1. I finally picked up a table cloth and runner for my sad little dining room table to give it some pizazz. It's still wrinkled and unphotogenic at the moment. I bought the Kate Spade Larabee dot table cloth in platinum as well as the Kate Spade Harbour Drive table runner in navy. I reallllllyyyyy wanted pink but I knew Rich may poo-poo that choice.

2. I finally created a Facebook page for my shop. Finally. Please like/follow/share. I would super super appreciate it. Also, be sure to follow the shop on Instagram if you would be so kind.

3. Are we loving the new blog look/layout? Si! Si!

4. Ohhhhh I just can't wait to share our Easter with you all next week. Just picked up the outfits for the kids for Sunday brunch with Grandma and I'm dying over how dapper little Liam is going to look. 

5. I've got MAY-JAH baby fever lately. Rich has had it for awhile and I'm now tip toeing in the "maybe we ARE ready" water. I'm also really digging the whole the kids sleep through the night so why f(*# that up now? situation we've got going on. 

The Oh Joy! Nursery line at Target isn't helping either. The entire line is too cute. These ABC decals are already on their way for the kids' room. 

That ottoman? Oh my word..... 

6. The way Olivia says hiccups makes me so happy and I never want her to pronounce it correctly ever. She will tell us that she "has the teacups" insert the crying laughing face emoji X's 100.

7. I may have found our nanny! I met with a gal this week and really really like her. Keep all your fingers crossed for us.

Have a Happy Easter!

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