Kids Room Decorating. Boy and Girl Shared Space

Olivia and Liam share a room for now because it's the largest room, they're still little, and our family room is going to eventually turn into two bedrooms but it's a huge project years down the road. If it were up to me I'd have a dinosaur outer space theme for Liam and a unicorn pineapple theme for Olivia. Dinosaur outer space makes no sense, I get that, but I wish my brain could somehow express it in photos what I'm thinking. Super cute, btw. 

Since they share a space I have to make sure it's not too boyish or girlish. I painted the walls mint when I was pregnant with Liam because we didn't know if he would be a he-baby or she-baby and mint was a good gender neutral choice. 

I've decided to keep the walls that way and add in some decorations that aren't too one-gender sided. 

ONE // This throw pillow, even though I don't like birds. It's a cute and funky pillow to go with any kids room. If you haven't noticed I love all things black & white with pops of gold and mint.

TWO // This rainbow garland to match the pillow below. Pom and tassel multicolor are everything (for now). TLON has the absolute cutest things for kids. If I ever with the lottery I'll spend all my money at Target, Land of Nod, Pottery Barn Kids and Anthropologie. Oh and Sephora. Always Sephora.

THREE // I. Can't. Get. Over. These! Ordered the unicorn for Olivia's side and the panda bear with some blue eyeglasses for Liam's side. I really wanted the shark but I feel like that may scare them at night. The bear could be scary which is why I'm going to put some blue eyeglasses on it to make it funky.

FOUR // Carousel sheet set for Olivia's side. Because, obvi, carnivals & festivals.

FIVE // Pineapple lamp! Pineapples are the thing for 2016, I'm seeing them everywhere. Last year was all about flamingos, or "mingos" as Olivia calls them. Gimme gimme gimme gimme this! In gold of course.

SIX // These Jenny Lind beds are so beautiful. I am torn between the turquoise, yellow, or white. Whatever we get will be the same color for both kid. Again, when I win the lottery. A much much cheaper and more affordable option available at Target.

A teal loveseat. I believe this is from Ikea but no longer available. I'd love a teal love seat in their room with some funky and silly throw pillows.

Currently there are hot pink curtains in their room, sorry Liam. I'm going to switch them up to these adorable pom curtains in light blue from Anthropologie. 

Can't remember where I found this comforter and pillow set but love it for a little lady.

Yes yes yes yes yes. The turquoise chandelier. It's hard finding a chandelier that will work with a boys room but this isn't too lady like at all. 

Mermaid print, along with other beautiful prints, found here. 


  1. Mmmmm. Ok. Can I have this room for myself? So cute!

    1. Right? I'm thinking of putting a unicorn over my bed but I'm not sure the husband would like it


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