OLO - Olivia's initials. We call her OLO when she's being silly and some of her friends just call her that, including her BFF, Sebastian; or "Bash" as she calls him.

Me: Olivia, where's Dada?
OLO: Oh I don't know, probably fweeping

Liam broke a picture frame
OLO: Gosh dang it Me-um! Wook at all dis mess!

Liam tumbled down a couple steps and I went running to him
OLO: {kisses him} It's okay buddy boy, mama and Pwincess Owibia are here

Rich: Should we all go grocery shopping together this week?
OLO: And go to Starbucks!??!

While I was taking off my pajamas and putting on clothes
{Put on my pants}
OLO: Ooh mama I like your pants
Me: Thanks babe!
OLO: I like your purple shirt mama
Me: Thanks babe
{Take my shirt off to put bra on}
OLO: Oooh mama I like your boobies!

While taking her out of her car seat I spilled my iced coffee all over the ground
Me: {mumbles} Fucking shit
OLO: Fucking shit
Me: Oh no. Mama said a bad word. Don't say those words
OLO: Why you say bad words mama? Don't you do that!

While looking through photos on my phone
OLO seeing a picture of herself: Oh wow. What a beautiful girl.
Self esteem isn't an issue for her

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