Quick Six

1. The pretty new Spritz items at Target made me stop in my tracks and gasp and talk to myself as I loaded my cart up for Olivia's pink and gold Princess party. Things like "shit, Rich will be pissed if I get it all" "omg need" "how cute" I said to myself as my Target total rose and rose and rose.

2. My friend's dog, James van der Bark was in the latest issue of People magazine! How cute are these dogs and how cute is his name?

3. Our Easter was so much fun. Olivia came down the stairs and saw their baskets and yelled "Oh my Gosh! Christmas!" Whatevs. We made peeps cupcakes, went to brunch at the Saint Paul Hotel, and the kids wore their Easter finest and I was so obsessed with Liam's little suit.

The salmon couscous was amazing!

Not a fan of the rabbit. 

"We need to lift up our dresses when we walk up stairs mama. Just like Cinderella did" 

4. Saturday morning Rich handed me cash and said, "Go get a pedicure and go shopping. I got the kids all day today. Take your time." I was suspicious and slowly grabbed the money from him asking why.
Rich: Cause I love you.
Me: K....
He then ran away upstairs yelling "Oh and I'm going golfing Monday all day!"

Sneaky guy.

Went shopping, got a pedi, and got martinis with my friend afterwards.

I bought perfume, face lotion, and mascara which I'm returning. I figured the cost of the mascara would make magic happen but I'm still forever loyal to cheapo drugstore mascara. #LorealForTheWin

5. Go to my shop to pick up one of these new adorable organic cotton knit newborn beanies that fit up to size 3 months. Also, I'm gifting these to a few celebrities and can't wait to see them on their babes!

6. As an Etsy-er this made me laugh


  1. Yeah for your all day treat day!!! Sneaky husband though... mine does that sort of thing too. "Oh, btw... I'm going to the basketball game tomorrow night.. I'll be gone for hours... soo... you're good with the monsters alone, right?" men.

    1. I knew there was a catch. No way he would just LET me have a day, right?!

  2. Yay for getting a day to spoil yourself and very sneaky husband indeed!

    1. Totally worth it. Even though the kiddos were NOT happy most of Monday while he was gone. Still worth it.

  3. I would so take a monday golfing if I could have all day saturday to myself. I LOVE your target purchases.
    Stopping by from the link up!
    <3 Sarita it's my girls' world

    1. Thank you! I need to go back and buy all of the new Spritz stuff. Trying to contain myself....

  4. Sneaky, but super sweet! And what a great surprise! I just did a pink and gold party for my little one too-so fun and cute!
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm


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