Spring Looks for Little Gents and Ladies

Spring has finally arrived in Minnesota which is a big deal here. When it finally warms up to the 50s or 60s you'll find us all driving around with the windows down, grilling, and praying it stays this way but then 3 days later we get a few inches of snow dumped on us. Tis the life of a Minnesotan.  So while we recently had some amazing days I definitely have some spring fever. More like Spring Flu. Maybe a little too literally. The entire house was sick but we're finally on the mend now. All the lysol and all the laundry in the world couldn't save the O'Neil household. 

I've thrown together some spring looks for little ladies and dudes that are super affordable. 

Tie Top // Old Navy has tons of these adorable tie front tops for less than $15! I really love this red white and blue floral top. 
Grey Coat // This fleece hooded coat is just $24.99 and I'm on the search for a matching one in my size. 
Pink Jacket // I really wanted to call this layout "for under $25" but there was no way I was going to not include this adorable pink faux leather coat in Olivia's size for $39.99. Ugh! I'm so in love with this jacket.
Pom shorts // I'm obsessed with poms for spring and summer. I'm getting a few pairs for both Olivia and I for this summer. These are just $14.99
Pom Poncho // What did I say about poms? Am I right? This little poncho with rainbow poms is too too cute for under $20
Tassle Sandals // There's a lot of cute thong sandals but I doubt Olivia would like things between her toes just yet. These adorable sandals for under $20 are a cute little hippy look. 
Skirt // I included this skirt just because I love the pattern. She's crazy about skirts and tutus and dresses so I have no doubt she would happily wear this paired with a princess tee. 

There are some times, okay most times, that I have more fun dressing Liam than Olivia. Little boy clothes are just too cute. I'm not sure what kind of style I dress Liam in but Rich calls it "Scott Disick" or "very Chad".

Plaid bow tie top //  This just may be Liam's Easter top this year. I have yet to buy the kids' Easter outfits but I'm loving this casual- yet - dressed up top he can spill all his brunch on.
Sandals // These sandals!!! I'm dying. Faux leather fisherman sandals FTW.
Chino shorts// These paired with the tank below! OH my heavens.
Suspenders // I've always wanted to get him a pair of suspenders and so far I'm thinking the bow tie top, sandals, shorts, and suspenders will make such a cute Easter get up.
Hat // I doubt he'll let me put a hat on him but I will attempt this one in the store and if he keeps it on, in the cart it goes!
Grey hoodie // I want this in my size.....
Tank // Old Navy has tons of these adorable tanks for boys that we may need every single one of for this summer.

Dear weather, please stay awesome. Love, a cooped up, ready for the park Mama.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliated links. Meaning, if you click and buy, I make like, 4 cents. 


  1. That tank top!! My 4 year old needs new summer clothes, so I'm heading to Old Navy for sure. I love their little tanks!!!

  2. Oh, and thank you for your sweet comment on my Momma Bear post.. I can't reply to your comment, so I'm saying thank you here. :-) I'm so glad other women felt the same way I did.. I just wish I had known it at the time.

  3. Um, seriously, thanks for sharing these Teri...now I'll be heading to the stores to shop for my little lady. Which means....SHOPPING SPREE! I'm excited too for Spring! If it makes you feel any better....here in Oregon, temps reach mid 60's, us Oregonians throw on flip flops and tanks for about 3 days. And then it rains like cats and dogs for about a week straight. I so feel your pain!
    Kate :: A Little NW Charm


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