Ten on Tues: Ten Teri Things.

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This week, I'll do 10 random things about me, because.... big head.

{ O N E }

My cousin's cousin is Tom Arnold so I guess I'm related to him in some sort of way? Or maybe it's just my Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. 
Not exactly something I shout from the rooftops but a fun fact nonetheless.
This may be why I have the acting bug. My cousin, who is his cousin, was in the movie Fargo. When I was 13 I went to acting school. The emphasis was on improv comedy. We had a live show where it was a real live "Who's Line Is It Anyway" which was the most exhilarating and nerve racking thing I've ever done. After that first year I stopped my "acting journey" trying out for random commercials and never getting them. As shy and nervous I am in real life, improv comedy was my THING! The stage (just as this blog) is where I am my real me, was and is my therapy.  On stage I could be someone else without reservations, and the blog is where I can be me without holding back.

{ T W O }

I was healthy my entire life until I had kids. I've had a pulmonary embolism that nearly killed me in 2013 and since then I've found I have/had: a heart murmur, anxiety, hypothyroidism, chronic iritis (which is bothering me right now actually; fun fact: Mila Kunis has it too) and a whole mess of minor stuff that I can't even remember.  WebMD is a constant in my internet tabs.

{ T H R E E }

I have a very weird family as far as who is related to who. I am the oldest of "6" kinda.
Brother 1: A marine living in Jersey. Served time in Iraq
Brother 2: Married. Devout Christian man.
Ex Step Sister: A Doctor living in Texas married to a brain surgeon. She got all the smarts and looks  (she's seriously stunning and a doctor, hello) while I....... meh.
Edit: She's not my "ex sister" we grew up together and our parents were engaged forever calling it off after 12 or so years. 
Brother 3: About to graduate high school and an absolute genius. He could tell me scientific and animal facts at 7 that I never heard of.
Sister 2: 9 years old and speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Me: The carnie who wears dinosaur socks, taco shirts with the word "shit" on them, sings gangster rap from her mini van and blogs about Tom Arnold....
What is my life? 

{ F O U R }

I don't talk about my mom because I cut her out of my life over 15 years ago without regrets.

Which is also why I hate feelings and talking about them and laugh in serious/uncomfortable situations.

{ F I V E }

I grew up Roman Catholic. Mass was an hour and a half long followed by an hour of catechism and very strict rules. Mass was in latin except for the sermon. Brutal when you're wearing itchy tights and want to go back to bed but you behave so you can get donuts after church.

{ S I X }

I love math, science, and all things medical. I've thought about going to Nursing school for YEARS now but life kept getting in the way of that. I still may go back for it.  We shall see.
Seriously, I'm a dork. I am currently reading a biology and chemistry book --- FOR FUN. Yes, they're general books because I'm getting back into it and brushing up on basics.  I have a shelf full of books on statistics, abnormal psych, nursing, the works.

I love all things medical and gross. My best friend just had a baby early Sunday morning and I went to go visit her and the new baby. There was a cooler in the room and she told me her placenta was in there to have it encapsulated. She asked if we (Rich and I) wanted to see and at the exact same time we said:
Me: Yes! Please!
Rich: OMG no... gross.

{ S E V E N }

I've never: had a bloody nose, seen Star Wars, mowed a lawn, lived alone, seen Scarface, Godfather, Top Gun, Footloose, Shawshank Redemption or just about any other classic movie.
But I can quote Dumb and Dumber and Clueless from start to finish.

{ E I G H T }

I was going to be in a kiddie pageant when I was younger but was too shy to go through with it at the absolute very last minute. My dad was verrrrryyyyyy happy with the amount of money he blew on me insisting I do it.

She knows what's up.

{ N I N E }

I have a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm and passed my conceal and carry target skills test my first try!

{ T E N }

I taught myself how to read when I was 4. Rich never believed me until my aunts told him that I 100% did and told him the story: We were shopping and I said "Auntie Cathie, I can read that sign" she gave the polite "oh sure you can honey" response and I read it to her, and the other sign, and the words on an ad. She asked how the heck I knew what they said and I shrugged saying "taught myself"
I memorized books my dad would read to me and matched the words to the letters learning how to read early on. That love never went away.

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