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Like I've mentioned, Rich is gone a lot so it's just me and my always happy-never throwing tantrums-never fighting- little cherubs. Kidding, if you aren't fluent in my facetious writing.  Hence the serious lack of posts.

Last weekend the 3 musketeers went to a birthday party and a gender reveal party in one Saturday. That meant lots of kids and babies and pregnant bellies everywhere giving me a slight case of the baby rabies. Don't worry, I don't think that'll happen anytime soon. (I may be talking to myself with that last sentence.) I was nervous going to many parties solo with two kids but the first party had a bubble machine so I didn't see Olivia until it was time to leave and she went limp like a noodle and screamed on our way out. The next party was nearly an hour away so they slept the entire drive there (praise!) and weren't happy with me waking them up when we arrived trying to rush into the house as not to miss the reveal.

Spoiler alert: They're having a girl.

When they got over being shy they had a blast with the heaps of kids there to play with. When it was time to go they both turned into noodles making me be the bad guy again.

Since I didn't take any pics I'll regurgitate some framers from my Instagram you've probably already seen but they make me smile.

So as not to make this a complain-y post I will say the 3 of us have been having oodles of fun. Olivia and I are going to a ball this Saturday hosted by a local company that has look-alike Disney Princesses that the girls can dance with, sing with, read with, photo booth, etc. The whole shabang. So now Olivia is learning the meaning of "5 more days" "4 more days" "3 more days" etc. We picked up the cutest little gown for her to wear of her current favorite Princess. More on that later.

Mr. Me-um (as he's known in this house nicknamed by his older sister) has said his 3rd word: buttons. First Mama and Dada then Buttons. That's seriously adorable.

We're all headed to the casino Wednesday night for a family overnight. Waterpark, bowling, arcade, room service, Disney movies, yay! I'm really seriously excited for this little staycation.

A little flashback to the last time we went:

My mother in law keeps asking us if we want to go on this cruise next month and I'm torn, I don't know if I want to travel again so soon with two young babes and how bikini-ready I am. The other day I laid on the ground with my workout plan printed out in my hand and asked Rich:

T: Are we going or no?
R: I don't know yet. Why? You just don't want to exercise huh?
T: Nope.

As if one little 20 minute ab sesh would do any distinct change.

Biscuit is now on anti-seizure meds but has had two since we started on them. We're going to need to increase the dose since her epilepsy is worse than we thought. Off to the vet we go again. Poor fur babe.

Stay tuned dear readers. I know you can't wait to hear ALLLLLLLLL about it

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