15 Months of Liam

I did a post about Olivia turning 15 months and thought I owed it to Liam to get another monthly stats update. I did one at 11 months and lucky for you, I don't do them every .single. month so here we go. 

26 pounds 0oz. 

He's taller and heftier than his sister was at this age. No surprise there. He'll eat all his food then finish off her leftovers. 

Favorite Books: Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Eric Carle is his all time favorite. Rich and I read that story at minimum, 3 times each per day to him. A very fervent "EH EH EH" followed by shoving the book in your face with flailing arms means "I know you might be busy right now but I'd really enjoy it if you read me this book". If you're sitting down he shoo's your hands out of whatever they were doing to plop down right into your lap. 
{Do you know how many injuries I've had to my face because of that book being shoved into my face?} 
Since it's a very repetitive book, Olivia has it memorized and he even demands asks Olivia to read it to him and she does. Most of the time. 
Other favorites are anything about cars, Olaf, or ducks. 

Favorite Song: He's not picky at all. Whatever is playing he will get down to. His signature move is throwing an arm across his chest and turning in circles until he falls. Stand Up. Repeat. 

Favorite Food: What won't he eat? Very not picky. He even eats eggs, quinoa, and vegetables; which is NOT okay ever ever ever on Olivia's plate. 
He loves bananas. Loves them. Nearly every picture of him on my phone is him holding a banana. Don't believe me? 

Told ya. 

Since 3 of his favorite things are: ducks, bananas, and minions, I'm going to assume that yellow is his favorite color. I dunno, he hasn't said otherwise.

Favorite Show(s): Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, PJ Masks, and anything Minion or related to cars. 

Says: Mama, Dada, Uh-oh, All Gone, Duck, Quack, Whoa, No, Bee-Do (his shoes say Bee-Do from the Minion movie and now shoes are called "Bee-Dos") 

Biggest Development: His vocabulary is growing very quickly lately. The other day he finished eating and threw his palms in the air saying "All gone!" 
He's too brave for my liking. He's a climber, a runner, an explorer, and very strong-willed. 
He was in the playroom which is 4 flights of stairs away from his bathtub and I asked him if he wanted to take a bath. He FLEW up all the flights of stairs and climbed right into the tub, clothing and all. 
We're going to have to temporarily remove the dining room chairs because we'll find him standing on the table if we turn our backs to him for more than 6 seconds. 
He's certainly the wild one. 
He gets hit and knocked over and crashes into things because of his place as 2nd born. He rarely cries about it and gets right back up and goes running again to keep up with the "big kids". At his 15 month shots on Monday he gave the nurse just an angry single grunt as she gave him 3 shots and that was it! He waved bye bye to her with a smile as we left. No tears. 

Tough Stuff: I can honestly say that everything is pretty perfect with him. Shopping while staying in a cart is 95% of the time successful as is dining out with him. He eats great. He sleeps great. He wakes up happy every morning and gives the best snuggles when he's feeling lovey. 

We did have an incident dining out when we went to Osaka (like a Benihana where they cook in front of you and light the grill on fire). Rich and I were kind of upset with each other and weren't paying attention as we were getting the kids settled that the fire part was coming up. 
Grandma: Watch guys! Watch! Here comes the fire!
Me & Rich: OMG No!!!!
Olivia & Liam: screams and tears and crying
I spent the next 20 - 30 minutes calming them down by looking at the stupid fish in the pond in the lobby. 

Big Kid Status: No more bottles. Figuring out this whole fork thing.

Likes: Online shopping, binge watching Game Of Thrones, Snap Chat filters, and discussing the 2016 political presidential candidates. 

Overall: I know every parent feels this way but I am just SO IN LOVE with this boy! He's the happiest little thing and he gives the biggest slobbery smooches. He loves dancing, playing outside (that's probably the only time he DOES cry is when he can't go outside), reading, and cuddling.

From the very beginning he's been so easy. Nursing went perfect. Sleeping went perfect immediately. Eating, napping, etc. 

I don't know how I got so lucky to get such a perfect, happy little boy. 

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