Get up. Get up. It's the first of the month.

Name that blog title tune. 

Since I already recapped our week I thought I'd change it up. Plus, hearing for the 5th Friday in a row that we "didn't really do anything but here's 27 photos of my kids doing nothing" doesn't really count for exciting blog material. 

So here, our typical day, as told by Disney gifs. 

"Ma maaaaaa!!!!" ~ Olivia and Liam 6am

Breakfast is made and I have two mason jars of iced coffee. I realize there's no more coffee left and hours until nap time. 

Oh you don't like your breakfast? 
That you love every single morning. Nothing has changed? 

We make it through a trip to Target without a single tantrum and I didn't forget the bread this time. 

Every time I try to use the bathroom in peace

Nap time. The husband wants to take advantage of the peace and quiet together, if you get my drift but this is "me" time to read or watch Grey's Anatomy or sleep

We hear the two year old very much NOT napping via the baby monitor. 

Which means she will be on the cranky side the rest of the day. Lunch isn't right. The color of her crayon isn't right. She doesn't understand why her left foot shoe hurts her right foot but won't let me help her - she'd rather b*%ch about it. 

Everyday we turn off the tv and turn on the radio to have dance parties. Complete with goofy outfits. This is a very accurate gif of the two kids dancing to 90's hip hop (my genre of choice)


Dinner time. How my kids think food works: 

When they ask for extra dessert and want cookies

Because I already ate all the cookies

Snuggling time. The kids tell me how much they love me. Physically, with my face. 

When the husband and I kiss in front of the kids

Bedtime. Hallelujah! Me and the hubs when the kids are tucked in and sleeping

And then I miss them like crazy and want to snuggle them and kiss them and never let go. 


  1. OMG this was amazing and made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have dance parties too, to hip hop a lot or classic rock. Our 4 year old is obsessed with "We Will Rock You." :-)

  2. LOL. THis was perfection!! Best thing I've read ALL day!!

  3. oh my god this was amazing! so glad i found your blog and cant wait to read more! happy friday!


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