I'm Still Alive

The award for laziest blogger goes to............ No surprises here, it's me. I kept drafting then deleting a ton of boring posts (aren't they all boring though, Teri? ~ You.) and just never updated.

It's finally warm up here so the kids spend every waking minute playing outside. This means scraped knees and baths every other hour because of how dirty they get.

Sorry about the pink hat bud. Remind me to get you one next time we go to Target.
Which is basically every day. 

Olivia told me matter of factly this morning that "I'm gonna have waffles then go outside." 
Me: You need to put clothes on. {She's stark naked}
O: Why? 
Me: Because you're naked.
O: So what? Where's my waffles? 

Who run the world? 
Not me.

In very exciting news, Rich was nominated and voted into the chairs for our club! His grandfather was one of the founding members in the '50s and his grandfather, 2 uncles, mother, and father all served as President. He will be the 3rd vice president meaning he will be president in 2020! We're already planning a huge party. 

When his mom was president a few years ago she hired a band, The Lost Highway and we danced all night in the ballroom. 

We've already started thinking of a theme and it'll probably be James Bond. Tuxedos, fabulous gowns, poker, martinis, black and gold. You get the picture. 

I know he'll do wonderful things for the club. 

Which brings us to next Saturday, our 4th annual golf tournament! Rich started this as a way to raise funds for the club and it's now an annual thing to get members and nonmembers together for a good cause and to have a little fun. 

I've been busy collecting prizes for the silent auction, planning fun things to do at each hole, filling welcome bags, organizing schedules, etc.

What else? What else? 

Guess who's going to Amy Schumer this Thursday? 


Ta  Ta for now. We're going to Osaka tonight to celebrate. I plan on eating way too much until I feel like dying. That's the only real way to eat at a hibachi steakhouse. 

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  1. I wish there was a target in canda to go everyday! Have fun with Amy!


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