Quick Six

1. We have a nanny! We all love her so much, especially the kids which is most important. She had her first day this weekend and when she left, Olivia ran to give her a hug goodbye. So so so so happy. Alllllllll the exclamation marks!!! Everyone pray my kids don't scare her away.

2. From my kids room decor post I talked about the panda and unicorn heads for the kids' room. I have since cancelled the unicorn and got the panda head the other day. I've printed out some cute kids printables and will share their silly wall with you later this week. When the panda head arrived Rich wasn't around when I opened it and didn't know I was getting it. The kids were playing with it and it eventually made its way to the hallway outside our bedroom. I shouldn't have been surprised when I heard Rich mumble/ask himself "Why is there a god damn panda head in the hallway?"

3. I stumbled upon Lauren Gleisberg and am insta-stalking her for workouts, motivation, recipes, and more. Summer is right around the corner (unless you live in MinneSnowTa) and I'm reminded how NOT ready I am for summer. I bikini shopped the other day at Target and put all the shitty-but-so-damn-delicious food back on their respective shelves.  Purchasing her premium ab plan asap. 

4. We're doing family photos soon and I think I decided on our colors but keep going back and forth. Would love some input on which color combo looks best. The outfits aren't what I'm looking at, just the color pallets.

5. If there's one thing I hate it's crap on the countertops. Rich is AWFUL at this and no matter how many times I put his junk away more and more crap piles up on the counter. I found this at Pottery Barn and will be making my own cheap version soon in an effort to de-crap the casa.

6. I bought Liam this shirt the other day from the book, Dragons Love Tacos; Rich had never heard of the book and asked why Liam was wearing a shirt with "dinosaurs ralphing on it"

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  1. I love the navy and gold combo. I think it will compliment Spring family photos well especially if you are taking them where spring flowers are blooming.

    Can't wait to see the DIY organization station!


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