The Things She Bought // Double Post: 1st Ave for Prince

Written: pre-Thursday

Alternatively titled: "How much did you spend?" ~ Husband.

I'm redoing our main level bathroom in a black and white theme with hints of pink. 

My goal is to paint the 3 main walls a very bright white its the accent wall being black and white striped. Kinda like this: 

Pink (but not hot pink!) hand towels, wire baskets, and a rustic wooden shelf kind of like this

I love the textured withered look. 

I also picked up some adorable kitchen towels from Kate Spade: 

I told Rich these are not to be used to pick up spilled milk and he cannot light the candles in the bathroom. 
"Then why did you buy ....." Him
"Just don't" Me

I grabbed some new wine glasses after my husband broke all of my other ones. Not pictured: The one currently holding my much-needed chardonnay. 
PS: How cool are my chrome light switch plates? 


It's me.

Written Friday/Saturday: 

Alright, so unless you've been living under a rock you now know that Prince passed away on Thursday and Minneapolis was and always will be his hometown. 

His house is just a half hour away from mine. Thursday I went to see Amy Schumer at the Target Center, which is directly across the street from First Ave (Prince's "home" and where they shot Purple Rain.) When the concert let out (she was hysterical by the way) we partied in the streets outside of First Ave. 

It was a fun, sad, joyous, somber night. Seeing the streets shut down and people singing his songs together in the streets would've been beautiful for him to see I'm sure. 

The most touching photo, not doctored, the local news posted it as well, was the rainbow that appeared over his home hours after his death. 


RIP Prince. 

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  1. Wow! I can just imagine the energy and sadness in Minneapolis since last week!


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