Friday is my Monday

1. Grandma and I took Olivia for her first mani pedi on Tuesday and she did (surprisingly!) well. I thought for sure she'd throw a fit wanting to paint her nails herself which she demands asks to do at home but mistaken-mom strikes again because she politely sat still and smiled at the nail gal tricking her into thinking this almost-three-year-old was always this quiet and polite and sweet.

Yes, I know I need a mani. 

2. I got eyelash extensions Thursday and I am not disappointed one bit. No more mascara for me and I plan to keep them up with fills every 2-3 weeks. The whole set took about an hour and a half and you're laying down with your eyes closed so nap time for me it was! 
I'm not a total fan of false glue on lashes because they just seem too heavy and stripper-y to me. You know those gals where it looks like their eyelids weigh a pound and a half and you can see the thick line of glue? Not for me. 

I actually DID wake up like this (with the help of a filter). So soft and natural. Follow me on SC: Toneil
Make sure its a capital T and you spell it right. My sister thought she added me and the person was very much NOT me and acting pretty gross. 

3. My rug arrived! 

The moment I unrolled it the kids jumped right on it because it's so soft and plush. Don't worry, I moved the table so it's on the rug evenly. I snapped this pic excitedly to tell Facebook-Land. Now time to get rid of that fugly high chair. 

4. Have you seen the roundup of contestants for JoJo for Monday's Bachelorette? 

Alright, this is mean. 

I know it is. 

But were the casting directors........... mad at JoJo? 
I'm not in love with anyone. I can typically pick 5 people I think will make it far and I can usually be right but this is.... sigh. 

My money's on Chad, Derek, or Vinny. 

I'm gonna cut this short because hurricane-o-clock just hit the house.
#RightOnTime #EveryDay


  1. I CANNOT wait for the bachelorette on Monday. Your lashes look so pretty-- a hear you on the glue.

  2. I had that same thought!! Do they WANT her to not be I to any of these guys??? By far the most unattractive bunch of guys they've had for a season. Ugh. I think Robby is really cute, his picture is weird but I think he is probably cute in person. I can't wait!!!


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