Pink and Gold Princess Party Inspiration

As I've mentioned, I'm a total psycho when it comes to party planning. I love planning events, especially birthdays because I love making people feel special on their day. Especially my children. To this day I'm still disappointed with myself in Olivia's second birthday because I feel like I dropped the ball that I hold myself so accountable to keeping up so high in the air.

Probably my greatest surprise/party to date. Rich and I still talk about it today. 

Olivia will be 3 in July and I'm planning a party that is right up her alley: A Princess theme with her favorite colors: pink and gold.

The mint cake stand is too pretty to pass up and can be used at many parties to come.

I have the pink, gold, and lace garland to be used as the main decorating feel throughout the house. Ready to pick up about 29 yards or so more. Overboard? Perhaps. 

Touches of fake pearls scattered on the tables

Gold star wands and gold number 3's throughout. 

I ordered the #3 sparkler candler as well as a beautiful table cloth for the main food station/decoration set up. I knew there had to be something prettier than the standard plastic table cover.

And of course, 
Freshly Picked Moccasins in rose gold.

I've already booked a couple Princesses to make appearances! Hurry up July.

This top from Carken Design?

I die. 

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  1. So cute! You are much better at planning parties than me... I always intend to plan something nice, then time gets away from me. I love this color scheme!


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