Rainy Friday

|| o n e ||

No pictures from the week because I once again broke my phone and was without it for about a week. Do you have any idea how much snapchat and Instagram withdraw I was experiencing? Probably more than a 31 year old should. 
Snap: terioneil
IG: tmoneil_ 
all lowercase for both

|| t w o ||

I'm going to physically hurt whoever taught Olivia that babies grow in bellies. No, it's not wrong for her to know that; it's wrong that she points it out in public. I grammed all about our Target rendezvous and how it could've almost been a disaster.    

|| t h r e e ||

Who else is a Grey's Anatomy fan? Who else was bummed out about the season finale last Thursday? What a let down that season was. I'm all aboard the 'let the show die' ship but I will continue watching since I've seen every single episode already. 

|| f o u r ||

How cute are the kids' new pillowcases? 

No, not a filter. This was when my phone still semi-worked and had a large crack on the lens. 

|| f i v e ||

I just bought this banner without any idea of where I'm going to use it just yet but I know I need it. 

|| s i x ||

We had a huge BBQ last weekend with our friends so we had tons of kids and dogs running around. I bought these for the kids which were a HUGE hit. They were more fun to fill up I think than the kids had fun popping them. 

I bought this bralette in Electric Orchid and wore it under a long low cut sheer white tank

So cute. 

I'm gonna cut this post short because someone is about to cry in a second with wrestlemania going on in my living room. 
Happy Memorial Weekend! 


  1. So I love Grey's, but I only started watching it about a year and a half ago on Netflix. I'm only up to season 9 there, but I occasionally watch the new episodes on ABC because, who needs continuity?! I thought this season's finale was strange overall, but at least there was no huge dramalicious tragedy for a change! And that bralette is super cute--gonna have to check that one out! Have a great weekend!

    1. Seriously. Plane crashes, bombs, gunmen, etc. Our big cliffhanger is that Maggie likes Rigs? N'alright.....

  2. I love those pillowcases! Too cute!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks! The messy hair one (obviously) goes to Olivia and her crazy mop of hair in the morning.

  3. happy memorial day weekend. I too have seen all the grey's episodes! At least no one died this season... oh no, the musician did ;-s

    1. I was kind of pissed they just threw it in there that Jo is married. Like all of a sudden it matters to her and there was never any sort of hint before that she was. Bleh.

  4. That bra is freaking adorable! I'm constantly on the lookout for cute bras that don't look like bras. Is that even a thing?!


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