Weekend Wrap Up: Soundset

Late to the wrap up party for our weekend because Sunday kicked my ass as far as work goes. This weekend we worked Soundset, an ENORMOUS hip hop festival where the number of people attending far exceeded their typical numbers. We were working non-stop. No time for water, no time for the bathroom, no time to sit, nothing.

But I love it all. I love that my job includes going to so many festivals throughout the summer and seeing so many awesome acts. I got to see Common, Future, Post Malone, and more. I truly don't think I've seen a crowd as big as this one at any festival I've ever worked.

Northern Invasion could be close. That post is here from a couple weeks ago. 

Since we were prepping for Sunday we didn't do much Friday and Saturday.

I (stupidly) went out after work on Sunday and felt it alllllllllllll of Monday. It was a hot sunny day yesterday and my friend asked if I wanted to come over with the kids and sit outside with them in the kiddie pool. I so wanted to nap but that is selfish to the kids so off I (reluctantly!) went.

In other O'Neil Occurrences:

+ I'm officially a college student again. I got a full scholarship to complete my studies and become an RN. I'm leaning towards a specialty in pediatrics possibly in NICU. We shall see. I have a couple years to decide. So much studying. So much science. So many note cards. Organic Chemistry, Medical Dosages and Terminology, Lifespan Psychology, Human Biology, and Women's Biology. Good thing I love it all. (No, not all in one semester, this is summer and fall. Clinics will start next Spring.)
In short, my blogging days will become a little less frequent. I'm sure nobody cares though!
I had started going to school for this out of high school but life got in the way when I was promoted working at hotels until I was eventually front office manager. I did it for the money and completely gave up on my dreams of working in a hospital with new mommies and babies.
I stopped working, got married, had some babies, and figured now is as good as time as any.

+ I've cut my workload a teensy bit down so I can fully buckle down and get the best grades I can. I mean, I have to. I have a FULL SCHOLARSHIP, yo! So this year I'm "only" doing 3 state fairs as opposed to 6. That's still 38 days working 17 hour days with full days before and after each fairs for set up and tear down. AKA working every single day end of July through mid September.

+ My goal is to keep my 'state fair weight loss' off this time. After every season, Rich and I are at our thinnest because we do grueling back breaking work with nothing but healthy foods because we both HATE HATE HATE fair foods now and we're sweating all day in the sun. We typically slowly put it back on in the winter by relaxing after a long summer, binging on pizza on football Sundays and beer weight.
Rich has still managed to keep his weight off. Down 40 pounds since our wedding. I on the other hand.......

....... moving on.........

+ Just like everyone else, I'm torn about how to feel about the incident this weekend with the little boy and gorilla. On one hand, I'm with everyone else saying it's the parents' fault for not watching him, but........, I always keep an eye on my kids but..... I know that at the ages of 3-5 they can very very quickly dart out of your sight and they are QUICK. If someone were to walk between you and chasing your very quick little one, you can easily lose sight of them.
On the other hand, how on earth did a 4 year old manage to get past climbing whatever structure they have avoiding people from falling into their habitat? He had to have climbed something, and as far as I've met, most 4 year olds aren't monkey-like tree climbers just yet.
I wasn't there and neither were most of you so we don't know what really happened but I see the fault in both the parents and the zoo's structure.
I hate how it ended but I also understand. Tranquilizing the gorilla wasn't an option and his aggression could have done serious to fatal damage to the boy if zookeepers entered and angered the gorilla.
It's a sad situation overall and though everyone (including me partially) is quick to blame the mom, I cannot fathom her emotions going on while seeing her baby with the large animal and being totally helpless. Though it ended sadly, it could have been much worse and I'm so glad that little baby is okay.

+ I haven't been able to watch any of the new Bachelorette season with my current schedule other than clips here and there when it's been on. I heard there's a Chad character that is keeping things spicy but other than that I partially tuned in last night to see some firefighter 'challenge' and I kind of cringe at the 'challenges' they put the contestants through.
If it were my season:

1. Challenge one would be the kids waking up and we're both late for work/school/activities. Who gets to shower first!? Whoever lets me gets a rose.

2. Singing to the bachelorette. I hate when people sing to me. I'm actually pretty sure it's never happened but I imagine myself being very uncomfortable with it and would axe anyone who tried it.

3. Challenge two; I just got my period and am hangry. Whoever makes me the best food the fastest wins the rose.

4. Challenge three; do my laundry. Get a rose. I can't remember the last time someone did my laundry. Bonus rose if you do your own and my kids'.

Hope everyone had a safe Memorial Weekend with loved ones.

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