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I'm a fairly new Anthropologie lover and am so surprised I hadn't found this store earlier. I went to the store near my home on Grand Avenue one day with Olivia but we had to leave much sooner than I hoped because of grabby hands. Not mine. 

However, we're in luck! I can online shop to my little heart's content for adorable items for the home. I haven't yet tried any of their clothing just because it's on the pricier side.

I rounded up some of my favorites that maaaayyyyy become some of your favorites as well. Light a candle and click right on the photo to be taken to the online sight to purchase. 

I have the zinc letter O hanging on our wall in our living room with our family photos. Under $20 is the best and it's a good size. Though since I have an "O" my male friends like to joke that I have a "zero" on my wall and ask why I have a zero next to my family's photos. 

The rug from Anthro is beautiful and I have it in my dining room but I bought a much much cheaper version here. 

The candle. I DIE! (bottom left) smells just like the store and so worth the expensive-for-a-candle price. 

The wood and white letters next to the rug would be seriously cute in the kids' room with their first name initial above their bed. 

I'm obsessed with all the party supplies but especially that cake topper! I already bought Olivia's 3rd birthday topper but this can be used every event every time!

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  1. I'm a huge anthro fan too---love their candles and mugs! I buy the floral monogrammed ones for everyone I know!!!


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