Budgeting + Giveaway!

Remember that scene in Newlyweds when Jessica called Nick and said she accidentally spent $750 on bras and panties and Nick asked why she didn't look at the price tags? 

She answered with: "I don't look at price tags"

No joke, I've said this to Rich a few times when I "accidentally" spend too much money. 

Damnit I miss this show. When they announced their divorce it totally ruined my 2005 Thanksgiving. I don't remember, but I'm pretty sure I cried into my mashed potatoes and cranberries. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not putting my family in the poor house but I've been scolded by my dad and husband about my spending on more than one (or twenty) occasions. I only have two credit cards, my Victoria's Secret angel card for the rewards and my Expedia card for travel rewards and I always pay them off every month. 

I've partnered with Ashley Shelly to tell you all about her Budget Notebook to help you stay on track with spending, saving, paying off debts, and paying bills on time. 

Available in 4 pretty covers and small enough to keep in your purse at 5" x 8" 

The cover is a durable linen and the inside pages are soooo smooth

I chose the marble & blush cover with the blue dot a close second. (Hurry! They're selling out fast!) 

My personal favorite is the wish list page giving yourself a time frame for when you want to buy your item and a little check box "YAY!" when you reach your goal. 

She also has academic planners (need!), notebooks, desk pads, mouse pads and more all in beautiful prints. Wanna know the best part?? One of you will win the budget notebook! 

You know the drill: 
Disclaimer: While I received this sponsored item c/o, all words, and terrible spending habits, are my own. I never endorse anything that I don't truly love myself. 


  1. So cute!!! I need one!!!! I have a spreadsheet... but obviously I can't whip that out all the time, so I love this idea! and it's organized so well! And yes, that ruined my YEAR when those two divorced! I'm still not over it.

  2. Since I too have been grounded from Target a few times, this budget planner could save me some headaches! The Panda one is so cute, but I really like the marble one too!

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  4. I love the cover with the polka dots!

  5. I love the marble and the pink floral!

  6. I think I like the pink one the best.


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