Fri-yay, Fri-nally, TGIF, I'm sure there's more. 

Linking up with Andrea and April, you know the drill. 

|| o n e ||

We've been spending all our time either in the pool or at a parade lately. We've been to 3 parades this June with another one on Monday planned. The kids love waving to everyone, dancing to the music, and of course, collecting candy. I have to sneakily hand most of it to the kids behind us so they don't end up with 20 cavities looking like a rapper with grillz. 

|| t w o ||

I believe this may be my favorite picture ever of Olivia and Rich.

We took Rich out for a Father's Day lunch and she said 
"Mummy, take a picture of me and Dada please" 

Yes, I said "mummy" even though we live in Minnesota, not the UK. Olivia is obsessed with Peppa Pig and has begun calling me 'mummy' with a British accent and I refuse to correct her because it's amazing. 

|| t h r e e || 

On Monday we went to a restaurant for my dad's girlfriend's surprise birthday party. We originally planned to go alone and leave the kids home with the nanny but once she heard 'party' it was game over and we let her tag along. There was cake, balloons, and a new friend, Phoebe there. 
PS: How adorable is the name Phoebe? Next daughter's name??? Or Fiona?? 

The best part is, Grandma was able to come and she rarely leaves her home lately. 

|| f o u r || 

Would this be a Friday post without me sharing what I bought this week? THIS tee for Liam arrived this week ::: 

You show me a kids shirt with a '90s rap song reference and I dare me not to buy it. 

|| f i v e ||

This weekend we'll be working at Twin Cities Pride festival in Minneapolis. This is one of my favorite events and I have a feeling we'll be especially busy given the tragedy that happened recently in Orlando with lots of people coming to show their support. 

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  1. im the same way with 90's shirts too ha. i need to get that one!


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