I'm Like Hey What's Up Hello

+ School is kind of kicking my ass but in a good way. I have 97% in one class and 91% in the other. Gotta keep it up. Right now I'm studying all about the super thrilling process of DNA coding and in the other I get to have to learn the names of just about every f*cking bone in the body. 

+ Rich got Olivia a new trike for her birthday and gave it to her early so she could enjoy it all summer. He set it up and had it in the driveway for her. I filmed her walking outside while he jingled the bell on the handle bar and her reaction was priceless. 

Within minutes I quickly ordered this shirt for Olivia while she cruises down the streets in her six four. 

+ It's Rich's birthday today so we're heading out for steaks and bourbon - two of his favorite things - at a swanky little place in Minneapolis. What to wear... what to wear?? 

+ Our nanny is truly the best. I love her, the kids love her, and she's honestly everything we were looking for in a nanny. Sadly for us but luckily for her she's accepted a nanny position in France right after the Minnesota State Fair so I will be sad to see her go and lose her for the rest of the season. We literally hit nanny jackpot gold with this one. 

+ For Rich's birthday I bought tickets to Luke Bryan!!! Ahhhh! Can't wait. 

+ Don't forget to enter the giveaway one post ago for a budget planner notebook! 

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