Quick Seven

1. I'm the worst at keeping up with this blog. Sometimes I contemplate closing it because I don't know if anyone even reads it anymore but I'm a bit of a connoisseur of vapid so off I keep blogging! For your (not so) entertainment. I've been busy starting back at school (see two posts back if you so desire) and being mom to two restless children so this has taken a teeny tiny backseat lately, along with a number of other responsibilities.

2. I can't seem to stay away from Victoria's Secret lately and wandered into the store yet again the other day JUST to browse. They had a deal going on that day where you received a free tote if you bought two bras. Here's why I'm a marketer's dream: I didn't even WANT the tote. I just decided in my rational little mind that I NEEDED that tote. I didn't even need new bras. I had no plans to buy stuff that day. However! I bought these two little pretties:

That multi-palm halter and the red lacy racerback bra with a photobomb of the god damn tote I'll probably never use but hadtohave. 

3. I got my eyelash extensions filled this morning by my gal who I just LOVE. I texted her Thursday asking if she had any openings for Friday knowing it was last minute and probably wouldn't get in. She texted me right back saying she'd get me in at 8:30am and they don't even open until 10. She opened early for me and got me right in. I know how selfish all that sounds but it was entirely her idea (I told her it was fine and I could wait and she insisted) and I love her so much for it. I've already snapped her over a dozen selfies probably annoying the shit out of her.

4. Tonight we're going out to see Wheeler Walker Jr. which is a comedian on tour doing his satire alternate personality singing extremely offensive country music. Do not click here if you don't like offensive things. Come to think of it, I curse on this blog and just took my hooter holder off to take a pic of it to show you so.......                 are you lost?

His pseydopersonality came from THIS skit from his show a few years back. Do NOT NOT NOT NOT click on that one if you're easily offended. (1:29 was where I ugly laughed loudly at the woman's reaction)
You've been warned.

Whoa! Did you guys feel that? That quick breeze of wind in front of me was all my sponsors pulling out of my blog and never working with me again.

5. My babies are getting too big too fast. Olivia officially has "chores" now which include feeding the dog and cleaning up her toys before bed. Liam is talking a whole lot more and added the following to his extensive vocabulary:

side (slide)
Watat (what's that)
pone (phone)
Tiss (cheers)
fik-you (thank you)
head-o (hello)
binna (banana)

6. Is anyone else yawning at this season's Bachelorette? I think we were all spoiled last time with Kaitlyn's season that this one is just lackluster and I'm only watching to see who the next Bachelor will be. I think Chad is a hoot. Most hate him but he's the spice we need. I'm kind of in love with Derek (Devan?) the one that looks like Jim Halpert.

7. Stay tuned because next week I'll have a giveaway for my 2 or 3 readers!

Have a great weekend Friends!


  1. Pls don't stop blogging!! It takes a back seat sometimes but then it starts again. And yeah I hear you about this season of the bachelorette!

  2. I love Derek Jim too! And I really do love sweet Wells. :-) I've been obsessed with those halter back bralette things and just bought... Um a lot. I didn't get a red one though and now I kinda want need red. :-)

  3. If it makes you feel better I'm a brand new reader!!

  4. I read your blog! It's a hilarious break from the usual blogs I read!

  5. For the life of me I can't remember how I ended up finding your blog last year, but I really do enjoy it and I hope you don't quit. :)


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