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I hope everyone had a fun "fobbers" day on Sunday. We worked all day Saturday in the extreme humidity so we kept it very relaxed at home that day. I asked Rich what he wanted to do for the day since it was his day and he chose to nap. Don't blame him one bit.

Remember in my previous post I talked about going to a swanky Minneapolis restaurant? First, it was delicious AF and totally lived up to all the positive review hypes. On Saturday the food stand right next door to us was the restaurant's second location, a shrimp/sushi place and the owner was there.

I told him I dined at his restaurant Tuesday and told him how delicious it was. He was probably the nicest guy ever and is my new friend (!) He had his refrigerator truck out there and let us sit in there when we got too hot and gave me way too many free beers. I told him the Brussel sprouts were the most delicious ones I've ever had in my life, which says a lot because I'm not a B.spout fan at all and he even gave me the secret recipe.

But wait, there's more!

I'm sure most of you have heard of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon. If not, it's an EXTREMELY rare bourbon. People camp out at liquor stores overnight in line to get a chance to buy a bottle. Most are never lucky enough to get one. We even travelled to the Buffalo Trace Distillery this past November and you couldn't even buy it or taste it WHERE THEY MAKE IT.....


You can certainly order online from a reputable source but you will pay thousands. This post explains why it's so rare. 

I thought I was giving Rich an awesome birthday gift Tuesday by getting him tickets to Luke Bryan but then his mom shows up with a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle and I might as well have given him a $1 gift card for gas. I still don't know how she got her mitts on one.

Let's round up back to a few paragraphs ago. Since our new friend owns a bourbon bar, he currently has quite a few bottles of Pappy Van Winkle that he doesn't want to sell in his restaurant and is just hanging onto them for the heck of it. He agreed to sell us bottles of it! I'm sure I'll be snagging a few just to sell and a couple for consumption ;)

Other than that, we've spent every single day either in the pool or inside watching movies while I try to study. School has consumed my every second of free time and I'm already starting to doubt my abilities in returning to finish my nursing degree. We shall see.

I've completed so much of the pre-reqs many years ago and am jumping right back into where I left off which is more advanced and I've forgotten a lot of studies so it's particularly hard. Someone tell me it gets better....

My goal is to get my masters with my ultimate (but probably will not happen) goal in getting my DNP in pediatrics. Let's just concentrate on passing my current summer load.

Other than that, I'm STILL not caught up on the Bachelorette but I was giggling like a maniac while Chad and Alex had their 2-on-1 and Chad was telling life wasn't all "blueberries and paper airplanes" and that he should love milk because "it's delicious!"
No spoilers please.
Team Chance.
Is that his name?
Or Team Jim Halpert. Derek?

While we worked on Saturday, one of my favorite bands, Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats performed and though they're one of my favorites, I kept calling him Daniel Radcliffe which is wrong because that's the actor who played Harry Potter. Same Diff.

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