Whats Up Wednesday

What I'm excited for: 
Heading to Valleyfair today with the kiddos. Waterpark and rides! I'm sure I'll snap and 'gram and blog alllllll about it.

What I'm wearing: 
Running shorts and tanks. Nothing to see here foZlks. Nothing to see.
My lazy is showing.

What I'm Watching
I'm a terrible Bachelor fan. I still haven't seen the recent episode but it's on my to-do list after I memorize 200+ medical terms.
Who do we love? Who do we hate? But honestly, this is the part of the show I dread, especially when there's male contestants opposed to female. The dumb little challenges they have to do and I still don't know anyone's name so I stick with "Boner Pill Guy", "Panty Lube" and "Aaron Rodger's brother with stupid hair" as their official names still. 

What I'm Reading
The primary functions of membrane proteins in cells and coronary artery disease.
If I had my way I'd probably be reading:

What I'm dreading
Having two exams on Friday. I know everyone loves Fridays but I'm dreading it this week.

 What we're eating
Nothing special. Almost every night it's chicken and veggies for me. Very boring.

Hey, that could be the title of this post ^^^

What I'm listening to
Sirius XM the Fly (channel 47) or 95.3 for you Twin Cities folk.

What I'm making
Setting up my garden this weekend. I've been growing them indoors for the past 6 or 8 weeks and will be moving them outside to grow grow grow!

What I'm loving
My new bedsheets!

Rich: Why do you want everything white?
I'm currently painting every single thing white including baseboards and furniture and have purchased rugs, sheets, towels, chairs, etc. all in white. 
Teri: Why do you not?
Rich: I'll give you two reasons
*Points to Olivia and Liam*

Also loving my Anthropologie candle that is making my bedroom smell just AHHH-may-zing.
Just like Chewbacca Mom said, "WORTH. EVERY. PENNY!"

What we've been up to
Had a blast at Valley  Fair today. Post on that one later!

What I'm annoyed by
Alright. Here we go. I have a very serious question. 

Moms of 2+ kids know that the best parking spot isn't the one closest to the door, it's the one right next to the cart corral so you can go car-seat to cart-seat quickly and easily. When cart corral boys have just emptied them you have to walk in wrangling a running 3 year old, juggling all your purses, bags, keys and shit, and holding onto a squirming year and a half year old tiny hand you quickly learn to park RIGHTNEXTTO the corral. 
Specifically one with one of those big ass carts holding both kids. 


why aren't there cup holders built in to the giant two-kid-carts? 

I can promise if you were to put a little GPS tracker on one of these you'd see that stop #1 is always Starbucks, and the cart will avoid, at all costs, the toy department. 
I don't know about your Starbucks/Target but mine is almost always out of those red clip on drink holders so when I do come across one it's like finding gold.
Shout out to lazy cart corral boys. You make my life easier. 

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  1. Liane moriarty is coming out with a new book this summer. Can't wait! And as someone who got a white counter and sink this year, I totally hear rich!


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