A Murder Scene

Well, not quite. But when you're awoken to screams and blood everywhere I can bet they're pretty similar.

Fun Lame Fact: I've never had a bloody nose once in my life. Is that weird?

Olivia and I sleep and nap together. We have a king size bed but our two bodies take up a total of approximately 2 square feet in the bed. I'll leave that to you to decide who sleeps on top of who with their hands and feet in the others' face and mouth.

We both fell asleep and I woke up hearing her screaming at the top of her little lungs and when my eyes shot open bigger than Amanda Seyfried's I saw blood everywhere and panicked (not helping her terror situation.)

Finally I found the source, her first nose bleed, and had to calm both of us down while cleaning up.

Just waiting for my husband to say "told you so" regarding our ongoing bickering about me needing white sheets and everything white in the house.

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