A Weekend In The Summer Without Work

Alternatively titled: Finding a leprechaun riding a unicorn.

AKA: Shit never happens. 

We found ourselves with a weekend off this past weekend because an event was cancelled and we had nothing else on the schedule. We debated all week what we should do to take advantage of this rare free time and Rich's uncle told us we could use the lake house that was only an hour away. Before he even hung up I was packing everyone's bags and inviting friends to come join us. 

I woke up Friday (leaving day) feeling like total crud with a terrible head and chest cold but I was NOT going to stay home. My friend woke up with the same thing but we absolutely didn't want to cancel this mini vacation. 

I love this house so much. So cabin-like, so Minnesotan, so quiet and peaceful. No internet, no TV, just family and friends and board games and beers on the deck. If you've never been to a Minnesota house/cabin up North (first of all, I'm sorry) then you need to. Minnesota people love cabins, fishing, bonfires, beers, friends/family, swimming in the lake, pontooning, jet skis, and grilling together. I wouldn't change where I live for the world.

I took photos on SnapChat without saving them but had this one on my phone which is one of the bedrooms: 

How cute is this little sailor bedroom?? This is where Livi and Liam slept and spent most of their time because it's the only room with toys. 

The whole house is this adorable, all decked out in lake/cabin/boating themes.

Friday we sat outside even though the heat was totally unbearable. We were all sweating just sitting there. I refused to be inside any longer and just kept peeling clothes off as our sticky bodies kept getting stuck to the chairs.

We played the new game I bought which brought heavy laughs making fun of each other. My friend and I were the all time losers which just meant we were 'the most fun' in my opinion. 

My cards at one point: 

So the point of the game is to draw a card and collectively as a group decide which player that card most fits. If you get 7 cards, you lose. When this card was read everyone said my name. 

Rich: "More like, participation award"

He's so romantic, isn't he? 

Saturday we woke up with slight headaches and a bit of a messy house. We found out there was a showing at 11am and we needed the house to be squeaky clean, totally staged, and everyone needed to be OUT of the house. 

This wouldn't be any issue except it was down pouring so we had to find something to do somewhere in town inside. 


Little baby Sperry's. I'm dying. I'm dead. I die. These shoes are just too cute. 

At Old Navy most of the summer stuff was on clearance gearing up for fall to arrive. When a season goes on clearance I buy tons of cheap clothes for the kids the next size up for the next year. 

Liam saw a Batman shirt within his reach, ran to it, yanked it off the rack, ran to the cart, and threw the shirt in. 
It's official, he's my kid. 

Saturday evening was a bit of de ja vu of Friday but less sticky. The kids went to the beach and Liam happily swam while Olivia said it "was just too yucky" and watched him from ashore asking to go home. 

There was Pokemon hunting and I'm officially hooked. 
*Pushes glasses up with finger*
Nerd. Alert. 

That's all kids. I may be blog absent until Friday because I have 3 (!) exams this week with finals. 
Wish me luck.

Or don't. 

I need it though. 


  1. I hope you ace those exams!! That game sounds right up my alley

  2. That sounds like the perfect game for my friend group! Maybe I somehow missed it in the post, but what is the name of it?


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