Linking up again with Erica because I'm finally just about done with summer classes.  Nailed it!

|| o n e || 

I cannot *not* acknowledge the terrible tragedies that are affecting our country and specifically the one that happened only 2.3 miles from my house; Philando Castille's shooting. You hear and read about these situations happening and think to yourself that there's no way that would ever happen around here! But it did. My community has always been safe and quiet and completely non-news worthy until a few weeks ago. This happened right in our own town and driving by the site is gut wrenching. I'm truly saddened for our country, community, and the unknown of our children's futures.

|| t w o ||

I'm working another huge concert festival this weekend. Sunday I'm "off" but am helping my dad host my brother's graduation party. As soon as that's over we're darting over to Sebastian's birthday party. Sometime in all of this I need to study for 3 more exams for the following week due Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. 
Aaaaand if that weren't enough I need to start packing our family of 4 plus a dog to be on the road for the next couple months. We leave in just two weeks and I'm only KIIIIINDA panicking. 
Oh and fall semester starts while I'm on the road so I've pre-ordered my books to get a huge head start on everything so I don't fall behind. 
Oh! Just now, literally, as I'm writing this, remembered that sometime in all this I need to make the picture board for my brother's party. And buy decorations. 
I need to learn how to say 'no' every once in awhile.

|| t h r e e ||

Riveting stuff there Teri... Just reread everything and it was one giant thinking out loud complaint. Moving on. 
Who's playing pokemon? I downloaded it, couldn't catch the little bugger on my stairs - and gave up. That doesn't stop me from loving the memes all over the inter-webs

|| f o u r ||

I need to do another "Olivia Says" post because she's full of hilarious one liners without even trying. 

+ I asked her to pick up her toys after I impaled the bottom of my foot from Elsa's shoe.
O: Mom, I just {sigh} I just can't right now. I need a cupcake I think.
Have you seen that video of the girl making crazy faces while playing piano? That was the faces I made when I stepped on the shoe. 

+ "Anytime, Toots!"

|| f i v e || 

Liv had her 3 year check up and may need glasses one day. Doesn't surprise me since I had terrible vision pre-LASIK. She didn't need shots and loves her Ped and the LPN that we always have and has since decided that she's no longer a princess, her name is "Doctor Olivia". She has her Dr. kit and checks the vitals of all of us and the dog telling us "I fink you're good" 
Very confidently.


  1. Hahahah I love that - I need cupcakes. Precious! Whoa super mom - you have a lot going on! Prayers for you that you can have some peace and get a lot accomplished. xo

  2. I need cupcakes right now too... And wine. And yeah, you've got a lot on your plate. I'm tired just reading about it!

  3. New reader here! I just found your blog today (by way of me commenting after you on Camp Patton) and you may be my new favorite blogger. Keep 'em coming sista, a girl needs something to keep her occupied at work. ;)

    1. Oh my gosh you're too sweet! You just made my day :)

  4. "you're favorite recipe is here!" hahahaha that is hilarious!!! Your daughter is amazing. :-) good luck getting all your things done! I'm terrible about saying yes to too many things too.


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