Men Tell All With Filters

|| o n e ||

I did it! I finished summer session with a 96%. #NailedIt. Fall semester starts while I'm on the road so I already emailed all professors to get the syllabus, and required textbooks to get a head start while I'm traveling. Lots of biology, psychology, medical terms, fun stuff. 
(It actually is fun to me.)

|| t w o ||

Like the grown-up, mature, adult that I am I watched The Bachelorette 'Men Tell All' and had fun with snap chat filters. 

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Quick thoughts on the episode: 

1. I find Chad hilarious. So glad we'll get to watch him on Bachelor In Paradise. Also can't wait for Ashley I's crying. Ah! I live for BIP. Should I make a BIP drinking game ???? Hmm... 

2. Chris Harrison made it so obvious that Luke will probably be the next Bachelor. I guess I'm on board. Anyone but Robby. What on earth does she see in him? 

3. There were a few guys on there that I legit didn't recognize. The guy who took his jacket off ....

|| t h r e e || 

What would you rather?

- Take a road trip with a 3 year old and an 18 month old across the country for the next 2-3 months
- Work 14-16 hour days in the hot sun in a food stand at various fairs on your feet all day?

Lucky for you, you don't have to chose.
Me? I'm doing both. Leaving THIS weekend. I can't believe summer is almost gone.

|| f o u r ||

I need to know your favorite diet/workout plans. I think I'm finally going to actually complete BBG. I am a tone it up member but sometimes finding those ingredients isn't so easy when you don't live in Malibu. Sea weed wraps? Um, aisle what?
My friend is engaged and it's time to start sweating for the wedding!
I'm eating a chili cheese burrito as I type this.
Literally not joking. 

Normal peoples' search history : book recommendations, directions to somewhere,
My search history: closest Chipotle, can I uber to Taco Bell, how many calories in 3 crunch wrap supremes?

|| f i v e ||

I'm bummed I didn't see this earlier but I googled my blog the other day (that's weird, huh?) and came across THIS! How fun? Also, LOLing that I was just talking about burritos and weight loss and it mentions I post clean recipes.
Well.... I used to..... maybe I need to get back to that.

Have a great weekend. Girls night tonight followed by lots of packing and cleaning for me. 

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  1. Loving all things bachelorette! I accidentally read a spoiler alert article a few days agog and I know how it ends. Opps. Fingers crossed it was all incorrect!


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