Olivia Louise: Three

Mom fail: The age "One" was actually 15 months and the "Two" was at 22 months so she looks pretty similar in both photos. I'm now reminded how badly we need updated family photos. 

Oh-Livia where do I begin? The past three years have been such a joy for Rich and I. She is truly the funniest, sweetest, most magical little girl. 

The things she comes up with make us laugh every single day. She calls me "mama" or "toots", Rich is "dada" or "Daddy-O" and Liam is "Mister Me-um". 

She loves princesses, horses, tutus, the color pink, and singing and dancing. 

She's very independent and everything is "I do it!" Example ^ no more riding in the cart for her, she has her Anna to push. Note her purse she carries cross body like her mama. 

She has a heart of gold. While she fights with her brother daily she also protects the heck out of that boy. I had to scold Liam the other day resulting in tears from him because I raised my voice higher than he would have liked me to. 
He laid on the ground crying and she laid next to him stroking his hair whispering "You need to listen to Mama Honey"

At a family reunion this past weekend a little boy that was Liam's exact size gave him a shove and Olivia ran to Liam, put her arms around him, and gave the little boy a death glare complete with an angry pout. 

She'll sit with me and randomly look at me saying things like: 
"You're so beautiful mommy"
"I just love you so much" 
"Your hair is so beautiful"

Confidence booster this chick is. Everyone needs to hear those things often. 

One of her favorite things to do is "go lay in Mama's bed and cuddle with a movie" 

Which I am down for 99% of the time.

If we're not in bed we're "fwimming" in the "cool" 

She loves Peppa Pig so she sometimes speaks with a British accent which I'm in love with! She'll call me "mummy" and sometimes calls Liam, in a British accent, her "little brother George". 

She's so sweet to everyone she meets. While shopping the other day she was waving at strangers giving them a smile and saying "Happy Birthday!" 

Favorite Show: Mickey Mouse ClubHouse, still, from when she was a baby

Favorite Movie: Zootopia, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen

Favorite Color: Pink and purple 

Favorite Food: Blueberry muffins (which she calls "Moo Muffins" because of Clarabelle the cow in MMCH), chicken nuggets, and grapes.

Favorite Activity: Dancing, swimming, going to the park, shopping, picking flowers.

Best friends: Sebastian and Hailey

Dislikes: If you call her "Olive". 
She has many nicknames: Liv, Livi, Livi Lou, OLO (her initials), but don't EVEREVEREVER call her Olive. Not sure why it bothers her so much so of course people tease her and call her that sometimes resulting in tears. 
So just don't do it, k? 

My baby starts Pre-K this fall. 
I'm going to go cry now. 


  1. What a sweetie! She seems so kind and caring!

  2. Happy Birthday! Threenagers, they are so full of sass, aren't they? Mine is 5.5 going on 17. She also loves PINKMYFAVORITECOLOR and if anyone but me calls her Katie, she scows and tells you that there is NO I IN MY NAME. :)

  3. OH my goodness, happy birthday! I'll have a 3 year old in 2 months, wahh! They get big so fast!

  4. Can I have an Olivia too??? My gosh she is SO DAMN CUTE!!!! Happy Birthday to her!!!!


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