On The Pontoon

You knew that would be the title with the first glance of the first pic. I sure don't disappoint, do I? 

Rich and I couldn't agree whether or not this was Liam's first time on a boat so I'm just going to go with the right opinion, mine, that this was his first time. His expressions while riding the waves pretty much confirmed my right-ed-ness. 

Every time we took off, this boy insisted on captaining the boat. Don't you dare tell him he wasn't really driving it.
Don't do it.

Miss "I don't want to go in the yucky lake" stayed on the boat ensuring all the Pirate's Booty and Cheez-Its were safe. Channelling her inner Crawford with the wind in her hair, the suit, and closed eyes. Not a diva at all, at all. 

When it was her turn to drive she was total game. Until a tiny little splash of lake water got on her face and she demanded a chemical peel and exfoliant immediately. 

When we got ashore one of my kids happily played in the muck with their butt crack making numerous appearances, while the other child didn't understand paddle boarding and wanted to stay seated the entire time so they "didn't get yucky".
I'll leave it to you to decide who is which kid.

Not too far from where we were was horse racing. I'm not a gambler at all but I love betting on races. Put me in a room full of slot machines and poker tables and I'll go find Pokemon, but at a race track I love betting!

The kids were hanging with their best pals. Liam and Bradley were born just 2 days apart and get this, in the same hospital room, on the same bed! Our friends checked out of their delivery room and a few hours later we checked into it. These boys are the same height and size and act so similar that they look like twins. 

The girls are just 9 months apart and are best of friends. Seeing them holding hands giggling running through the area watching the "ponies" was just too cute. 

After the races the jockeys came over with the horses so the kids could pet them. I picked Olivia up on my hip so she could pet the horse and turned to look at Liam, facing away from her.


The horse turned its head, head butting Olivia and hitting her face. 


She didn't cry surprisingly. She was rattled, as was I. She was just so happy to be so close to a horse that she just rubbed her head saying: 

"I'm fine. Forget it mama" 

Twins. Right? 

An awesome Tuesday and tacos weren't even involved. How often does THAT happen? 

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