Pink and Gold Princess Party

I tried getting a FULL picture of everything but the guests arrived before I realized I didn't take pictures of anything. 

I went extremely over the top with this one. However, most of the decorations were things I had already in the house or super cheap. 

Table cloths: Both from Hobby Lobby at under $8 each.
White plates, wood stand for popcorn, and beverage dispensers all from Target that I already owned. 
Pearls, horns: Target for roughly $5 each
Cake stand, gold #3s, and tiara balloons : Hobby Lobby around $2 each
Tissue paper flowers I made myself with just cheap tissue paper
Round dots on the wall I already owned. Similar can be found here. 
The number 3 is actually a sparkler that fizzled gold when lit. Found here. 

Edited info out of course

Thank you so much to the shops that generously sponsored some of the items! Be sure to check them out. 

We rented a bounce house and it turned out to be MUCH LARGER than I anticipated. #Shit
I told the guys to set it between the basketball court and the shed but it was basically double what I thought I booked so our backyard pretty much vanished. 

We had the bouncy house, our new basketball court, and swimming for the kids but the MOST exciting thing of all: Belle, Ariel, and Rapunzel came to Olivia's birthday! 

They read a story, did face painting, sang, drew birthday cards, and gave everyone goodies. Olivia was completely star struck and still asks when the princesses are coming back to her house. 

They looked, spoke like, acted like, and even SANG LIKE the princesses. We were all truly shocked when they sang songs from their movies and sounded just like the actual princess! 

Worth every single penny seeing the kids' faces light up. A lot of the little girls came dressed as princesses. 

Thank goodness the princesses sang happy birthday because we never got around to cutting a cake & singing. Right after the ladies left everyone got in their suits and we had a pool party. I heard that when all the kids went home that night they crashed hard in the car seat and slept like a rock all night, including mine. 

Best 3rd birthday she could ever ask for I'd say. 


  1. If you don't mind me asking, how much did you spend? My daughter turns 3 in December and already asked for a princess party!

    1. A little too much! I kept decorations pretty cheap. You can click the link to find the Etsy shops, but most came from Target or Hobby Lobby.
      The bouncy house and princesses were the bulk of the budget.

  2. That party is just darling! I love the cookies.

  3. I love all the details! Those cookies are fancy!!

  4. Isn't that how it always goes? Great intentions to take photos of everything, only to be dashed by the chaos of the event! The party looked awesome! So pretty.


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