What's Up Wednesday

Linking up with Shay for What's Up Wednesday.  I know you're just dying to find out what I'm eating and wearing but humor me and stay for a bit. 

What we're eating this week: Lots of leftovers and dining out. We leave this weekend to hit the road so we need to empty out our fridge. Lots of "is this still good?" while opening a tupperware unsure of what we'll find in it. Spaghetti? Mold? Good luck!

What I'm reminiscing about: Liam being little. I'm tardy to the 18 month blog post party for him but I started writing it and remembering how tiny he was and how quickly time moves. 

What I'm loving: I'm way behind the rest of the world on this but I'm loving 'Fixer Upper' with Chip and Joanna Gaines. LOVE her style and what they do to these homes. If you're in need of a Netflix recommendation check them out. She's also inspiring me to get to work on my Pinterest board for revamping our home. I took Liam to Home Depot the other day and Rich asked "binging on HGTV again, huh?" 

Those shelves! That backsplash! That flooring! Her dress! Gah. I love them. 
What we've been up to: Jeez Louise, what haven't we been up to? My cumulative final is tomorrow and I'm not sleeping well over it. I'm a terrible test-taker. I know what I'm doing but I get so much anxiety DURING the actual test even though I know all these medical terms when NOT taking the test. I told Rich yesterday after looking over my grades that "I can get 40 wrong and still get an A in the class". He told me to calm down and just get it over with because I know what I'm doing I'm just squirrely and over think everything.

We're also packing our home-home and our road-home up to get ready to travel the US for the State Fairs. It's so much work trying to get a family of 4, plus a dog, plus a nanny ready to live on the road for 6 weeks. At least our road-house is kick ass:

What I'm excited about: Being done with summer session, getting out on the road, getting done with the fairs, going to Wisconsin Dells this weekend, girls night on Friday, lots to look forward to.

What I'm watching/reading: I'm excited to pick up every book ever written by Liane Moriarty. I read 'The Husband's Secret' and am just in love with her writing style. I hope to finish a book or two or five during these upcoming long trips.

What I'm listening to: You know me, anything rap or country. I am excited to go see Luke Bryan next month and Carrie Underwood in October.

What I'm wearing: While we're busy getting everything ready to go, fashion takes a back seat. I've been in our warehouse so an old tee and running shorts with sneakers and a ball cap it is. Just wait for Fall... I'll be back....

What I'm doing this weekend: Hitting the road. Stopping at Wisconsin Dells on our way.

What I'm looking forward to next month: Luke Bryan! The Minnesota Fair. 

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