Chopped my hair & more fair fun

|| o n e || 

I did it. I chopped my hair off and I love it. It's shorter and blonder than I planned on but I'm digging it. I haven't had color in my hair for over two years and when I did that I just did ombre so I could "cut it off if I didn't like it". I never take hair or makeup risks and am slowly dipping my toes in the try-new-things-pond.
Seriously, my third grade picture photos I had the same long, dark, straight boring hairstyle.

Speaking of trying new things: I gave the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits a try and here's my review:
If you don't know what you're doing with lip liner and excessive makeup (me) then pass. I tried two of them and my shit just looked cake-y and painfully obvious.
I'll stick to my Burt's Bees tinted chapstick thankyouverymuch

|| t w o ||

I am going to bear hug the mailman when he gets here tomorrow because these bad boys are arriving:

I forever love Peter Thomas Roth products and can't wait to try the pumpkin and the 24K gold masks. Not a bad price either!
I also stocked up on my favorite fragrance ever.

|| t h r e e ||

 Years ago, while we were just engaged, Rich and I got a bench at the Minnesota State Fair because of the significance of that fair for our family. Beginning when Olivia was born I take a photo with her each year on it.
The first two years Rich was working in Illinois and wasn't around for the annual photos but last year was our first family of four photo.

Thursday we went to the 'Taste of the Fair' event for fair owners, sponsors, and their guests. The kids loved getting to eat fair food, meeting the mascots, dancing, playing carnival games, and all the lemonade and cookies they could eat.

Get cookies or cry trying

Yesterday was Fairchild's 50th birthday! Balloon emoji! Cake emoji! Horn and confetti emoji! Let's throw some heart eye ones in there too.

Keeping it short and sweet this week. Lots more to do to get another state fair ready!
Happy weekend readers. 


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