Friday aka Monday for Me

Evening, Readers!

We're in Wisconsin and finishing up the Wisconsin State Fair right now. I'm on day 9 of 11 working 15 hour days. That's not a joke. I get to work around 8am and work until 11pm. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Everything hurts and I feel like I'm dying. 

Here's the real fun part, this is just fair numero uno of three for me. I usually do six fairs but Olivia is starting Pre-School this fall so I'm cutting my workload in half. 

|| o n e ||

It doesn't entirely suck though, with my job, everyday is take your kids to work day. The kids come out to visit everyday for a few hours and Rich and I take turns taking them on rides, to see animals, or  to see the free family shows out here. 

Or we just stay home and have spaghetti together

Even though he obviously hates it. 

|| t w o ||

Olivia worked the window with me one night and was very proud to get her first tip. 

Yes, that's a beer in the background. After a few days of 15+ hours you try and do it without a (free) beer. 

|| t h r e e ||

All this work hasn't stopped me from watching my favorite guilty pleasure, Bachelor In Paradise. 
+ I was really excited for some Chad drama but he obviously went way too far and I'm glad he's gone. I've done some embarrassing things in my days but crapping myself on tv - I have not. Phew.
+ Leah B gave me Erica Rose vibes so I'm very happy she got the boot immediately.
+ Jubilee should come back.
+ Dont hate me, I like Nick V.

|| f o u r ||

This may be a repeat but I picked up this book and am so far really digging it. I've heard that the ending is a bit of a whomp whomp but I can't quit now. 

|| f i v e ||

We sell corndogs at the fair. That's it. But we've had people try to order all the following: 

- sno cones
- popcorn
- pizza

- alligator bites.... lemme repeat.... alligator bites. 
Oh people. 

Back to the fair I go. To sell God knows what this time.... 


  1. !5 hour work days!!? say it ain't so. And I totally like Nick V as well.

  2. Oh that book... that book freaked me out, but I can't say why because it would ruin the ending for you. And hells yes you need a beer after 15+ hours of work! Dang. That calls for maybe 2 beers.. or 3. :-)


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